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When I had as a sponsor and agreed to do this post I had no issues whatsoever and I consider this review to be an honest opinion of the company. However, it has been brought to my attention through numerous comments that the website has less-than-desirable customer service and shipping is very VERY wacky, even for China. As always, when making online purchases please use your own discretion. Most of the brands of cloth diapers found on can be purchased elsewhere. Thank you for stopping by and reading my review!


For the month of August I had a wonderful sponsor displayed on my sidebar. is a great one-stop place to shop for your cloth diapering needs! Shop Diaper also sent me their brand of cloth to review.

I admit at first I was not in luff (love for fluff). The diaper seemed thinner, less absorbent, and cheaper. But upon trials of the diaper and my awesome internet research I realized how wrong my assumptions were!

Shop Diaper one-size cloth diapers are made with TPU, which is a synthetic fiber like PUL for the waterproof outside. Though there is not definite proof anywhere note-worthy, TPU is said to be more environmentally friendly since the lamination was not done chemically (unlike PUL). This makes for a thinner, less stiff outer layer, which at first seems cheap and unreliable to someone used to PUL diapers.

shop diaper snapped

The inside of the pocket was a little stiffer than I was used to and not as soft. Apparently it was also a different material – something called suedecloth. The diapers I have been using (Sunbaby size 2) all have microfleece lining on the inside. Suedecloth is said to be a “newer looking for longer” choice in cloth. Both suede and microfleece are stay-dry fabrics, but microfleece tends to get pilly, or for non-cloth folk the fibers tend to stick together over time. It’s completely aesthetic really, and most cloth diapering mamas prefer the microfleece because it’s softer.

Some babies have aversions to suedecloth as well. I’ve used this diaper three times now and mine doesn’t seem to have a reaction.

shop diaper insert shop diaper diapers

Not only is the diaper itself bigger, but the bamboo cotton insert that’s included is noticeably bigger as well. But this seemingly thinner insert absorbed just as much pee if not more before I thought my baby needed a change. The diaper overall is bigger, but the bulk is minimal and the function is just as good if not better than my one-size Sunbabies!

Because the Shop Diaper diaper is a lot bigger, there are more snaps to get a custom fit for your child. You can see in my first photo how I have to snap each diaper to fit my little one. Although I don’t currently have fears of my Sunbaby diapers not fitting in the future, the reality became a lot more clear once I received my Shop Diaper one-size diaper. However, the Shop Diaper is still a little lose on my child’s legs so I won’t be using it for a night time diaper anytime soon. has a lot of great deals daily including a free diaper with every order, free inserts with orders of specific value, and prices hacked down to bare bones pricing! Common brands are seen throughout the website including Alva, Baby Wizard, and Happy Flute selling everything from diapers to wetbags!

Shop today to claim your freebies and consider adding Shop Diaper diapers to your stash!


Disclaimer: I received one or more products listed above free of charge for review. All opinions are my own and I shall not tell lies.





  1. Thank you for comparing to the Sunbaby! I have been curious about the Sunbabies for quite some time and was wondering about the size 1 & 2 difference compared to an Alva. I had no idea that Sunbaby was smaller than an Alva, the size 1 must be pretty small.

    I also had no problem with suedecloth on both of my boys who have pretty sensitive skin, except for at night, I choose to use natural fibers. These cheaper diapers do make a cheap addition to a diaper stash, especially when diapering more than one child πŸ™‚

    • Size one is supposed to be for skinnier babies, whereas size 2 is supposedly for chunkier babies. MY babies are skinny waisted with chunky thighs, so I went with size 2 Sunbabies and have no issues. Yes the Alva is bigger, and I guess since being able to compare my Sunbabies to bigger one size diapers I’ve realized I’ll need to eventually get a bigger brand. I really hate how one-size is never really one size. But I guess with babies starting out so small and growing so much in two years it’d be too much to ask for a diaper to last that long. Ha!

  2. My friend has been looking for cloth diapers to use. I’m going to recommend these to her! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE using bamboo when possible. So much more environmentally friendly AND it seems to just work better!

  4. I’m glad that it worked out well for you. I just decided to let shopdiaper advertise on my site since a lot of people like or need the affordable options that are available with the China-made diapers. I will be reviewing one soon as well so we’ll see what I think of it πŸ™‚

  5. How long did it take you to receive your cloth diaper?? I placed an order on 11/09 (it is now (11/25) and the order still says processing, it has not been shipped! And I cannot seem to get ahold of anyone via phone or email! πŸ™ Maybe that is a normal processing time for this site, but it was unexpected to myself, as someone who both buys and sells frequently online..

    • China was on holiday earlier this month and so a lot of things shipping from China are delayed. They should catch up soon.

    • Kandace, did you ever get your order from shop diaper? I am concerned because I placed my order on 11/26/2013 online and still haven’t received my order yet either and it is now 12/11/2013. Their shipping company says United Stated e-mail treasure which I am unable to find online anywhere and when I click on my shipping tracking order which says already shipped it then tells me a bunch of stuff in Chinese writing and appears still being shipped or worked on as of 12/08/2013. It said deliveries in 7-10 days and I am over the 10 day mark even 10 business day timeframe. Today I placed a claim with my bank because last week their 800# on their website was out of order which makes me even more nervous, is this company for real or a scam? Today the 800# works but a lady with a thick Asian accent comes on and you can’t speak with anyone in person, either have to leave a voicemail message or send email. I am really nervous about this company.

      • Oh my! I never had any issues with that. The customer service person who worked with me on this review did have some issues clearly communicating, but that was to be expected with an overseas country where English is not the primary language. I will try to look into this for you ladies.

  6. I looked up my tracking again today and it says Transporting but all the comments are the same from 12/07 and 12/08 which says it was being prepared. I seriously am beginning to think the $75 I paid went to some scam and that I am never going to receive this order. Shary you mentioned you never had any issues with this, how long did it take for you to receive your order after it was placed?

    • I got my order like a week after agreeing to do this review. I didn’t actually place an order though, it was decided and sent to me through my contact for the company.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I am having the EXACT same issues with that site as you other ladies. I called didn’t reach anyone and then none seemed to be available on the online chat until one day at 3 am! They told me my order had been lost on the way to my side…they said they wanted to ship again at no extra cost to me so I said fine. Hopefully it actually come I don’t want to lose my 51.83.

  8. i am having the same shipping issues! what gives? i emailed shop diaper and they emailed back saying to allow 10 -12 buisness days and it has been over a month. I also tried to call and got an answering machine, looked at the shipping site( all in chinese) i will never order anything again from that is for sure

  9. cynthia davis says:

    I having exact same problem. Its been over 2wks and still haven’t got my order.

  10. cynthia davis says:

    Any of your ladies ever received your order???

  11. I placed an order today. It is Chinese New Year and that brings everything to a halt. I order a lot of different things from China. Sometimes its two weeks and Sometimes it’s a month. If you have paypal I always recommend paaying through them that way there is no trouble getting your money back if it never shows up and you can go through paypal and not the company. Hope this helps. The prices were so good I thought I would try them and see. Hope it works for all of us.

  12. I’m not here to attack or defend, just to explain what I think other parents need to do to get their diapers.

    My diapers are currently being transported (I check them everyday with the tracking number because there is nothing more exciting than fluff mail).
    I ordered mine a week before the Chinese festival (Jan. 18). At this point they were still processing, so they were processing for the next several weeks. I read a review that I needed to be persistent to get my diapers at a reasonable time(baby isn’t born til august, but I still wanted my diapers).
    Two days after the festival ended– I had a web chat on their website. They were out of stock on two diapers, so I just switched the colors.
    The next night, I logged on for another chat to remind them that I still needed my diapers (order number still said “processing”). I emailed them the following day as well.
    The next day it said “shipped”– but the tracking number didn’t work (I read that it was because they printed the label, but it hadn’t left the shipping center). I wasn’t taking chances, so I had another online chat to remind them and agreed to wait 3 days before contacting them again.
    Sure enough, my diapers had shipped! They are still in China, but have traveled to 3 different shipping centers so they are on their way to the USA.
    The entire time, I was kind and understanding but EXTREMELY persistent.
    Would I do this again? Probably not, I worked really hard for those diapers, lol.
    Would I recommend them to anyone else? Probably not, I ordered a diaper from Smart Snugs and received it in 3 days. I think I enjoy the instant gratification.
    Do I regret buying from shopdiaper? NOT YET! I’m happy that I’m getting those diapers for a cheap price! It was the only way I could convince my husband that cloth diapers were best!
    I’ll update everyone when my product arrives– let you know about the condition, if everything arrived, how long it took, etc.
    If you want your diapers in less than a month, then splurge a little– even a $20-$25 cloth diaper is cheaper than disposables, or buy off craigslist or use prefolds and covers!
    If you don’t care about waiting 1-3 months for your diapers, then is the business for you! Though I’m glad I got my cheap diapers, I think this experience has officially converted me to USA brands. lol!

    • Amber, thank you for providing your step-by-step process. I hope you receive your package shortly. You deserve it after all that hard work!

  13. I have ordered from them, and yes, shipping is SLOW! I believe it told me it would take 15 business days. I waited the three weeks and still didn’t have it so I emailed them. They emailed me back three next day (there is a 12hr or so time difference) apologizing for the delay and asked me to give it a little more time. They arrived the next day or so. I have been happy with the shopdiaper brand, but less so with their “sunny baby” brand.

    • Are you talking about Sunbabies? We LOVE Sunbaby diapers. They make up 90% of our stash and we’ve never had issues with them.

  14. cynthia davis says:

    Ladies this web site is SCAM! Trust me you are not getting your order.

  15. Grrreeaaattt… I just ordered a few because they were cheap. Figured I could try them out. Had I known it would take FOREVER I would’ve just ordered kawaii that’s a few more dollars more and pretty close by.

  16. Cynthia, why do you say that?

    I ordered diapers last week. 5 diapers, a cover, and an insert for $50 heck yeah!
    I hope it doesn’t take forever, but I paid by PayPal so at least I’m covered!

    • According to most reviews, it takes about a month to get an order. My package is FINALLY in NY, took exactly a month, so hopefully it will be at my house soon! But don’t expect quick results

  17. Update (for all the worried parents– because I know I was!!!!):

    I originally ordered my diapers on Jan 18. They arrived today Feb 22.
    Of course, I constantly harassed them the moment the Chinese Festival was over because I was really anxious about the “scam” comments from parents– but I got everything! Minus the free gift they promised for waiting during the festival– but hey! $50 for 8 diapers, 4 bamboo flats, and 8 inserts is a pretty good deal:)
    I love the pockets, I think they are good quality (a tad bigger than my Kawaii diaper, but equal in quality I think). However, the generic cover I received is HUGE! About the same quality as econobums but dwarfs the other diapers in my stash. It will be great on a toddler or giant chunker baby but I would never dare try it on a newborn.
    I hope that relieves a few concerns.

  18. cynthia davis says:

    I ordered my diapers in Dec and I still haven’t got mine.

  19. ALWAYS pay with paypal. if you dont get your items, paypal can get your money back for you. I had a problem before with an ebay purchase and when i contacted paypal, I got ALL my money back. Paypal is the more secure way since they dont really give them the money right away.
    I ordered my diapers on january 5 and they tried to deliver yesterday while I was out. Contact customer service. I had one item that was back order and they didnt tell me until I complained about not havong my diapers yet.

  20. Well I ordered my dipes on 2/16. They shipped today (3/4). I was told 10-15 days so that’s pretty much in line with that. I’ll update when I get them.

  21. DO NOT BUY FROM, it is a scam. We bought the diapers took a month to come and were advertised to fit 15lb baby. They don’t fit our 9lb baby. Now the seller refuses to take the unworn diapers back even though the website advertises 90 day money back guarantee.

    • I’m approving this comment because your experience is worth hearing. However, not every experience is as negative as yours. I am sorry you had this issue. The diaper I reviewed in this post was larger than my Sunbaby size 2. It’s so strange that it would not fit your 9 lb baby! I’m sorry you got crappy service. πŸ™

  22. HORRIBLE Company!!!!
    I got 12 of their shopdiaper brand diapers back in October and did not use them till around the beginning of January because my little guy was to small. Fast foreward to this month, March, and all of them have delaminated. I checked their site and they had a lifetime warranty on all orders so I contacted them wanting replacements. After several days of back and forth nonsense, they finally told me they would not replace my diapers because the diapers have a 90 day warranty. They stopped responding to me wanting replacements so I had to go on their Facebook page and complain there. I finally got someone to respond and they said all they could do is replace the delaminated ones for 3 Happy Flutes. Being fed up with the run around I agreed. As of yet I have still have had no shipping information and the order number they gave me does not work.
    They take advantage of people who do not know much about cloth diapers and they have horrible service. Do not buy from these guys.

  23. *UPDATE*
    Back with another update– but I’m really sad about this one.
    As I said before, I got my diapers and I don’t think it’s a scam. I really loved them when I received them and considered them a good quality.
    I prepped them one COLD– I didn’t even use detergent (because i happened to be out) and air dried them in my bathroom because it was raining. In other words, they were washed but I was extremely gentle with them. Afterwards, they sat on my couch because baby isn’t due until august.
    I was packing my baby stuff for the move and found 2 that de-laminated! Ugh… I’m still keeping them for swim diapers because we don’t have time to exchange between our move and baby’s due date. But I thought I’d come back and let people know… good thing they didn’t cost too much

  24. Natalya says:

    Hello ladies, have any of you gotten your diapers yet? I ordered mine 7 days ago and my order came this morning. I was also very worried since everywhere I read people were saying how bad their customer service is. I just wanted to say have hope, maby there’s a reason why it takes longer for some people and quicker for others. Does anyone know where else i could order cheaper diapers?

  25. Stacy-Ann says:

    I definitely, should have done a better job of reading all the comments about this company. The only way to communicate with them is via e-mail. However, they can take days to reply. I ordered my diapers and it took 5 days before I got my order confirmation even though it showed the money was withdrawn from my account. I’m still waiting on my order to show up 16 days later. From the tracking number given my order has being awaiting shipment for over four day. I would never order from them again or recommend this company. I did try 7 days after trying shop diaper and my order arrived within 3 days just because I wrote in the comment box I was due in a week and would appreciate if my order was sent asap. They even wrote a hand written note on my order sheet wishing me a safe delivery.

  26. Hello Everyone. I just ordered 39 diapers, 1000 liners and expecting a free diaper for just under $200 on June 23, 2014. My son is already 9 lbs. I ordered the smaller diapers 7-20 lbs. My son is growing fast and based on the comments I may not get the diapers before he grows out of them. I did pay via pay pal. I did not notice that they were shipping from china or I would not have ordered them. I am not looking forward to quick de-lamination or slow shipping and poor customer service. I am conflicted… keep the order or cancel? My son went through 39 diapers yesterday, ouch. I need something less expensive and very soon. It is good to know that I can expect the order even if it is one month or so later. Still a bit worried. What to do?

  27. I just ordered a few diapers two days ago and already received shipping info. It is in Chinese but I used Google translate to see where the package is. The reason packages take long from china is because they have to go through U.S. customs and can be stuck there for weeks.

  28. I placed an order with 2 weeks ago. My order still says processing. I have emailed them several times and they keep responding saying my order has been shipped but they say a tracking number is not available. I am getting very frustrated. I ordered through another chinese company the same day and the order is on its way to the US.

  29. I’ve been battling them for months. I’ve had a handful of diapers that arrived delaminated and they refuse to return them. It’s horrible!

  30. I got my diapers and flats and inserts within 1 week and everything was there and correct. After reading all negative comments I just wanted to say this to put any other mind at ease.

  31. I will never order these diapers again. It’s been about a month and still no diapers. My daughter is almost 3 months so sooner is better. Also didn’t notice that it was coming from a company in China or else I would have gone somewhere else. Hopefully I can get my money back. πŸ™ considering how horrible of a company they are people should seriously consider not advertising them.

    • I will not delete content off my site. I’ve removed all links and I’ve added the disclaimer at the top. I’m sorry you had a horrible time. I hope you get your items soon or at least have it resolved.

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