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Mama’s Going to School, too!

Going to school is rough for me. Because I love my children and choose to stay at home whenever possible, I have been slowly educating myself with online courses. I’ve come to a point in my journey towards a Bachelor’s in Education where I need to complete field work. I have been hustling the local schools and getting in my observation hours. This means I have to take Hutch to work, get Gaia to school, drop of Anders with milk and hope I don’t leak during class. It’s all very hectic, I assure you.

I briefly mentioned my personal issues with breastfeeding, one of the most annoying feature being leaky breasts. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some awesome nursing pads and I’m excited to share my secret!

Milk Diapers are nursing pads designed to be a comfortable, ecofriendly alternative to those disposable pads. Made with high quality organic cotton, Milk Diaper nursing pads are breathable and absorbent. The soft contours fit naturally to my breast and offer discrete protection from unsightly breast milk stains on my clothing.

milkdiapers varietypack

milkdiapers natural

Although pre-shrunk, my Milk Diapers did still shrink after laundering for the first time. I really didn’t see it as a big deal though. Honestly, my reusable nursing pads fit even better after being washed. I like using Milk Diapers because I feel safe being away from my baby during feedings to get necessary tasks done for school.

I just turned in my first lesson plan. In the spirit of Halloween I did a Skeletal System lesson and included this fun Q-tip skeleton crafts I saw at my first observation.

q-tip skeletons

Pretty sweet, huh? It made me really excited to be getting so far in my degree. I’m really proud of my progress and I can’t wait to do more. I still haven’t decided for sure what grade I would be best at, but I’m leaning towards 5th grade right now. I’m planning to do a lot more observations this winter to figure it out.


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