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Love Your Lips with Moody Sisters Lip Balm

Fall is in the air! You may think I am late on this realization, but the truth is that us Floridians don’t get that crisp autumn air until much later than everyone else. Thing shave just began to cool down for us at night, the warm sun still shining down in the peak of each afternoon. Changes in the seasons are lovely, but often come with their own complaints. Moody Sisters Organic Skincare provides natural solutions for all your basic bath and body needs.

Dry skin and chapped lips are often a part of the colder months. I struggle a lot with keeping my skin and lips moisturized. I am grateful to have found a deliciously soft lip balm from Moody Sisters to aid me in surviving this winter with my lips intact.

moody sisters lip balm

The packaging is adorable! I am in love with that little kitty cat in the center of the label. I also really appreciate that the tube was a flatter oval shape. This makes it easy and comfortable to carry in my pocket instead of having to dig around the bottom of my purse.

This Rosemary Mint flavor is fantastic! It leaves a cool-mint flavor behind. My lips are soft and smooth, free of that chapped and dry feeling. At first I was reminded of Thin Mint girl scout cookies, but as the weather changes I feel a hint of Christmas on my lips! A ten-pack of these lip balms would be great stocking stuffers for your friends or  items for your gift baskets.

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  1. I live in New England so this time of year I’m always looking for a good lip balm. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I love that it is an oval shape. I carry around chapstick in my pocket all the time and i hate to have the tube so obviously making a big bulge in my pocket. I really like mint flavor especially if it has a mentholated feeling once I out it on too.

    • The oval tube really sold me on this. It sounds silly, but it makes a huge difference for those of us that prefer pockets over purses.

  3. Rosemary mint sounds like a unique flavor. I definitely need to try it!

  4. never heard of this brand before but i love the sound of rosemary lips!

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