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Book Launch: Natural Birth Stories

Today is the launch of an awesome book. Natural Birth Stories is a guide for real moms to be inspired and empowered in their journey towards a positive birth experience. This book is filled with real wisdom from moms who’ve already endured the awesome experience of natural childbirth.


  • How do I find a great obstetrician or midwife to support my natural birth?
  • Which childbirth class should I take to prepare for a natural birth?
  • What pregnancy diet plan and exercises should I use for a natural birth?
  • How should I write a birth plan for a natural hospital birth or a home birth?
  • What should be on my hospital bag or home birth kit list?
  • What do contractions feel like?

These are all common questions for women preparing to birth naturally. You can ind the answers to all your natural birth questions and more in this awesome book filled with experiences and knowledge. From hospital births to unplanned unassisted births, this book has you covered if you’ve ever wondered what birth could be like.

I’m honored to be a part of such an awesome, motivational collection of stories!

Natural Birth Stories is available as a paperback, eBook, or PDF for however you like to enjoy your reading.

Get your copy today!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I truly hope this will be an empowering resource for many pregnant mamas!

  2. I love reading natural birth stories! Or any birth story, really. It’s so incredible how unique entries into the world can be.

  3. If we have a third, I am considering a birth center. I’m still wary of a home birth, though, since I’m over 30.

  4. I have 2 gorgeous girls and had them both completely natural. Have to admit that it is one of the most liberating feelings and during labour with my second I was screaming in pain but at the same time feeling sad it could be the last time I get to give birth …go figure…hubby thinks I’m strange!!

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