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October Festivities Round Up

We got a lovely cold front two Tuesdays ago which had me all excited for last weekend when we had plans for a full house of visitors. I had put off many fall festivals because of the heat, but as our plans finalized I knew there would be no denying that we’d just have to manage. The 22nd of October was so lovely for the residents of central Florida!

As the weekend approached plans molded and changed and we were blessed with a surprise visit from my sister. I don’t get to see her often, and three times within a year (last Christmas, her Spring Break, and then this) was amazing news! The weather had warmed up once more, but she was excited having begun her autumn in northern Kentucky. Her last visit fell right before Anders was born, so she was meeting my son for the first time.

tongue battle with titi

She tries to lie and claim she hates children, but they love her and she loves them. She even worked in a Sunday school for years before moving this past summer. She is awesome with children, so naturally Anders took to her immediately. He is doing weird things with his tongue now that he has a few teeth to play with, so a tongue battle was necessary as part of their meet and greet.

After Gaia got out of school on Friday, we went and got our nails done together. Then we went to my daughter’s school fall festival and had a blast playing games and eating junk food. As the evening came to a close our friends arrived from Orlando. Katrina, Johnnie, Jalina, and Sebastian and our family try to get together once every few months. The babies met for the second time and this time showed a little more interest in each other than they did at their last encounter last summer.

The girls stayed up late and the babies didn’t get to sleep until 1 am, but we managed to still make it out to Hunsader Farms the next day for the Pumpkin Festival.

hunsader farms pumpkin patch and bbies

We loved it! I’ve been in this area for several fall seasons, but this was my first time going to Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival. There was so much for everyone and it was surprisingly low in cost. We watched shows, played games, ate, and shopped.

hunsader farms babies

The babies slept, ate, and enjoyed themselves. Both Katrina and I like to mix using the stroller and our Ergos for events like these. It makes for easy all-day adventures because both of our little guys like variety. The girls were all over the place, of course, but had tons of fun with all the hidden treasures Hunsader Farms had to offer. Like meeting Santa Clause during lunch, for example.

hunsader farms santa sighting

The craft fair portion had a little room to grow. The vendors were quite repetitive, but I found some amazing hidden treasures as well. I scored some awesome gifts for Christmas for fairly cheap, and I’ve got my mind on some awesome hanging planters… oh how I wish I’d grabbed a business card!

We had some issues coming home – a thirty minute car ride took two and a half hours thanks to tired/hungry babies, sword fighting little girls, and a tire blowout. Our family has decided, however, that we’ll make it an annual tradition to attend for as long as we remain in this area. If you live near Bradenton, Florida you should make plans to attend one year soon!

Halloween was just as fun as last year. We went to the same neighborhood and everything! This time we got eaten alive by mosquitoes and I’m mad at myself because I have bug repellent stickers in my wallet! It’s a shame that a wallet didn’t go with my outfit… Since the heat was back in full force by then, my original costume changed drastically before Halloween rolled around. The kids managed to be alright though. Gaia went as a Fairy Princess and Anders went as the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

How is your fall so far?


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