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5 Reasons Why Hatchbacks are More Fun

Tuesday, November 12, I bought a Prius. It’s a 5 door 2005 silver vehicle with a rebuilt battery and lots of love. I wasn’t sure how I would react to actually making the purchase even though it is exactly what I was looking for. I have only ever owned two cars in my entire life. Okay three, but the Honda Civic that was older than me and broke down once a week over the course of the two months I owned..? It doesn’t count.

She has her bumps and bruises and I have to take her back to the dealership to get the passenger door lock fixed (the censor is broken so you have to manually lock and unlock – #firstworldproblems), but otherwise she’s great. The touch screen is so fancy! A major deciding factor we the miles per gallon that comes on a hybrid. If I had to make a list of my least favorite things in life, pumping gas would be in the top 5. The ride is pretty smooth and I’m absolutely thrilled to have my own car again.

I’ll tell you what though… I’ll probably never own anything that isn’t a hatchback ever again if I can help it. I. LOVE. My. Hatchback. It is so useful in so many ways I never imagined. If you’re unaware of the fabulous practicality that is a hatchback then you’re really missing out. I’ve had mine for just over a week and I’ve already come up with lots of ways my hatchback makes my mom life easier… and fun!

1. Diaper changes.

Yes. Diaper changes. It may not be exciting or at the top of everyone’s list, but after using our sedan’s seats for the past 7 months I can assure you that things are much easier in a hatchback. I was running a normal errand the afternoon that I got my car and I found myself outside of Walgreens with a poopy diaper. I had popped the hatch to put my bag in there when I saw all that open, flat space before me. I set my baby down, he looked at trees, and before you know it we were both happy and back to doing our thing. I had room for the diapers, wetbag, and wipes out of reach of baby, and he had enough room to still wiggle about and make the event twice as difficult as it normally would be. It’s a total win.

hatch monster

2. Hatchbacks make a cuter trunk.

Men will tell you that hathches are sexy. Yes. Yes they are. She’s great the way she is, but make her feel pretty every now and then. You always have the opportunity to see people get creative with their vehicles. Amplify the natural beauty your car’s rear end by decorating it every once in a while. From holiday festivals and parades to events like trunk-or-treats, you have plenty of opportunity to show the world just how magical a hatchback really is. Jessica of Boys Oh! Boys decorated her hatch like a scary monster for her son’s Halloween trunk-or-treat this year. I can not wait to put my own hatch to use for upcoming family events!

hatchback lunch

3. Afternoon Snacks at the Park.

I don’t know what it is, but every afternoon my Kindergartner comes home filled to the brim with excess energy. Her teacher says their recess is too early in the day to count and that my 5-year-old sits still and behaves all day so it’s normal for her to want to bounce off the walls when she gets home. Luckily for me we have a playground practically outside our apartment.

Sometimes we like to venture out into the world (now that I have a car) and get some new scenery. Taking a break to have a picnic makes the afternoon even more exciting. And having a picnic without uninvited ant friends is even better! I can just open the hatch and set the kids inside while we eat a snack away from the distracting birthday parties and pesky bugs. With the hatch open I don’t have to worry about adding autumn leaves to my food either.

drive in

4. Drive-ins are way more appealing.

If you go to the drive-in theater you’ll probably see your share of trucks and SUVs parked reversed to the screen. This is because having all that space to lounge about while checking out the latest flick is way better than trying to sit still in your car or staying completely comfortable on top. My car can fit small mattress in it with both the seats down. We’re not that serious about drive-ins, but we can grab pillows and blankets and all our necessities and snuggle up under the big screen. Easy-peasy.

5. Last-minute gift wrapping just got easier.

For my family Santa is a big deal. I shop year-round for Christmas so I don’t feel the pressure of the holidays or have to fight during the busy shopping season. (I do still participate in Black Friday, but only if I see something I have to have in the ads. Crowds of obnoxious people freak me out.) My car comes with a pretty steep storage compartment under the bed of the trunk. I’ve been storing my Santa gifts there and I’m stoked to go out there and get my wrap on Christmas Eve. I seriously have enough space that I can imagine the ease at which I can be a sneaky Santa this year.

So there you have it. If you still aren’t convinced, try and snag a hatchback next time you need a rental car and do one thing from this list. Tell me that doesn’t feel fabulous.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your cargo space?



  1. Man.. I so wish we had drive-in theaters here! They would be so much fun. I’ve got a Dodge Caravan Sport and we could back it in and take out the seats. It’s kind of like a hatchback LOL

  2. My SUV has a hatchback and I love it! Love your monster hatchback picture!

  3. We own a station wagon and LOVE the back. I use it for a lot (including hauling lots of stuff and carting the dog around).

  4. I love hatches! I’m so glad we finally got one – can’t wait for drive-in movie season!

  5. I loved taking my kids to the drive in when they were little…it made for fun, cheap “dates’ for hubby and me, especially since they would fall asleep in the first movie and we stayed for the double feature!

  6. My husband is dying for a hatchback; I think you might have just sold me!

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