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Celebrating with Zeenie Dollz

Another year has flown by. It seems just yesterday we were celebrating five and graduating from Pre-K. As my mother used to say, she will always be my baby. However, this little girl is all kid now. She’s very into dresses, but she puts pants or shorts on because she wants to climb things and tumble around. She likes to explore and I love that about her. Watching her turn into her own person and figure out her identity is awesome.

I’ve been trying to teach her more about how things work in the environment. I consider myself to be a pretty environmentally-friendly individual.  I try to reuse things as much as possible, teach Gaia about where things come from and how trash piles up and hurts the earth, and promote other activities that help her to understand how precious our resources are. Also we’re not a plastic free home, we do wash diapers and napkins and reuse jars and containers regularly. When it comes to her birthday, it is a no-brainer that we try to promote the gifting of toys that either last long or are made from recyclable materials, like Zeenie Dollz.

zeenie dollz lina

Zeenie Dollz fashion-forward eco-warriors made from recycled material. Lina is the Protector of the Rainforest and Defender Against Deforestation, and she does it all with her awesome ocelot friend. (“Oh, she has a tiger friend!” “That’s an ocelot.” “That’s not weird at all!”)

zeenie dollz unwrapping

zeenie lina unwrapping

The dolls are the collaborative efforts of a mother-daughter duo with one mission: to provide safe and eco-friendly toys to young girls across the globe. Zeenie dolls are made from two recyclable materials that are completely non-toxic. Even the packaging is biodegradable! In addition to their sustainability, the Zeenie Dollz also come standard with 12 ball joints offering more flexibility and movement than other typical dolls.

We are very pleased with Miss Lina and her contribution to our mission to have fun while keeping the planet in mind. To get your hand on your own Zeenie doll, you can shop the Zeenie website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The celebration was fabulous. Not too many people came, but the ones who did made it quite enjoyable. We still have over half of the cake left (I should have just made cupcakes for the party) and a bag of chips, but the memories are worth the extra expense. The kids got to enjoy a pinata and had fun gallivanting around the park.

gaia 6

I still have issues dealing with being the mother of a six-year-old. I don’t feel like it’s possible, but time flies when you’re having fun!


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  1. I love that this doll is eco friendly and that even the packaging is biodegradable. I think it’s important to try to teach our kids some “green” concepts so they grow up with a beautiful Earth! Thanks for the review and Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. How funny that it comes with an ocelot!! My daughter always knows those off-the-wall animals from watching so much Diego when she was little. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!! Six years old is a big deal!

  3. I don’t know what to think of these dolls. Maybe it’s because my daughter is only 3.

    • When my daughter was younger I swore to never do the whole Barbie or dolls thing. However, she eventually took to them on her own and began asking for them. I try to steer ehr towards other ideas, but I couldn’t deny her this particular one because it was not only cute but also ecofriendly. Also… ocelots!

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