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Curling Up with my Kindle

I feel like I have seasonal depression. Except, where normal people love the sunshine and get sadder in the winter months when it’s all about indoor activities, I am the opposite. I could feel myself in the last few weeks getting happier, more motivated to do things. It could be the fact that I now own a car, but it’s been a pattern the last few years.

Don’t misunderstand. I live in Florida so the winters aren’t terribly cold and when it is “winter” it doesn’t last very long. I’ve always believed that fall was my favorite season even though I don’t get the changing leaves or an abundance of crisp breezes accompanying my afternoon walks. But I do get moderately colder weather for longer. I enjoy being outside with my mix of green and brown trees in my fashionable sweaters and cheap, adorable boots. And I don’t mind shutting off the A/C, opening the windows, and cuddling with my baby all afternoon and reading.

I recently purchased a previously loved Kindle from Courtney at Optimistic Mommy. I’ve been considering buying one, but my love for books isn’t that deep (I know) and I was on the bandwagon with the New Book Smell enthusiasts. Kindles were just another way to unnecessarily gloat about technology. But I went out on a limb…

…and I love it.

I download all the books now. I am still a slow reader, but now I find that enjoying those peaceful moments is actually stimulating and exciting! I have like 40 books on my Kindle right now. I really like that the whole thing is lightweight and the pages are easy to flip. I can adjust fonts to my liking, and easy store, reference and read whatever I want without having to get out of bed or make a visit to the bookshelf.

What books do you like to read?

I prefer either chick lit, murder mysteries, or sci-fi/fantasy. One of the first books I read was A Feather on the Breath of Ellulianaen by Robert Denethon. This is the first in a series of books part of the Gryphon Dragon Histories. Honestly it started off rather slow and I almost put it down due to all the run-on sentences. It got exciting rather quickly though, and once it picked up I could not put it down!

A Feather on the Breath of Ellulianaen

If you read A Feather on the Breath of Ellulianaen make sure to check the appendix in the back dealing with name pronunciations. They are  a mouthful and I tried ignoring them at first. About half-way through I realized I was getting them all mixed up and I had to slow down and figure it out before I could go on. Then of course I found the appendix at the end… HA!

I recommend this book to any fantasy lover who enjoys epic battles and dense story lines. Like I said, once you get started you’ll have to keep going!


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  1. A Kindle sounds so much fun but the thing is– I am only into funny books like Chelsea Handler stuff and what not. I’m REALLY wanting an iPad or something.

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