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Custom Crunchy Wear with Allied Shirts

I have been searching and searching for a way to get my hands on some fabulous activism clothing. You can find a plethora of styles and statements depending on what issues you are dressing for, but I personally always get discouraged while shopping online for things because I want them to be tailored to my specific interests. When Allied Shirts offered me a chance to review their tee shirt customization process I thought it would be the perfect time to let my lactivsim shine!

(Lactivism: advocacy of breastfeeding.)

I was originally looking to give Breastfeeding Place a little shoutout and so I designed a beautiful shirt picturing a breastfeeding mom and her baby with the website underneath. You can see in the customization window that the design was really sweet and classy. I was very excited to see what I’d actually receive in the mail.

allied shirts customization

Unfortunately, I received an email several days later that the art work I included was not fit for tee shirt printing, although the customization window resized it beautifully and gave the illusion of perfection (above). I was super bummed about this, but I spoke with a few customer service guys and they canceled my order and allowed me to start again. This time I made sure that the photo I chose would be resized appropriately. I didn’t have a whole lot of options at this point though, so I went with the generic breastfeeding logo and a simple “Eat Local” message.

allied shirts eat local

When I got the shirt there were two things I noticed right off the bat. One: the font color on the text did not actually match the logo I downloaded despite it looking very close on the customization screen. Two: the tee shirt was pretty big. I normally wear an XL (thanks to my milk-making boobs), but this was so big my fiance (who is bigger than me) was able to wear it for a few hours without discomfort. I washed it a few times in hopes it would shrink, but alas – it is indeed a big shirt. (In hindsight, I should have just ordered a women’s size instead of going unisex.)

The quality of this shirt overall is pretty fantastic. It is very durable and comfortable. And the design has not faded or cracked or any of that after several washes. Allied Shirts really does a great job of offering quality custom clothing at fair prices. And it’s not just for personal clothing… You can use Allied Shirts for family events, school events, or personal events and change up the sizing to meet the needs of everyone on your team.

Plus, the customer service team is really friendly and down to earth. You can call them and discuss your idea and someone will help you create the perfect project for your customized clothing. Seriously, so awesome!


Disclaimer: I received on or more products above free of charge for review. All opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. It is a Do It Yourself kind of world, now that we have the Internet. I love the idea of making the t-shirt design of your choice, because you can have a one-of-a-kind shirt that you know no one else will have on! I can think of so many applications for this service, like promoting your company or service, families and reunions, clubs and sportsteam boosters. What a neat idea. These were fairly basic designs, so I guess a photo might be impossible, due to the color combinations.

    Enjoyed your article, Shary & Fam:-)

  2. This is great! I love your shirt your made. Pro breastfeeding all the way here!!

  3. So many fun ideas!!! I love that the shirts can be one of a kind.

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