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Post-Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We had a lot of fun, although parts of today were sad, stressful, and overwhelming for some of us. We made our rounds in good time though, and we got see loved ones we don’t get to connect with often.

Obligatory “baby’s first Christmas” pic:


Anders got a lot of goodies. My mother spoils us all. She always sends an abundance of gifts for me and my children. She is a thoughtful gifter, and she always does the best job at surprising me. As you can tell, Anders was having a ball simply eating the paper. He was so adorable this in his Carter’s outfit and upcycled slippers from Crunchy Farm Baby.

Because Gaia’s father and I split holidays 50/50, this year she is with his family in the panhandle of Florida. I’ve talked to her a few times and she’s having a  fabulous time. Her Grandma and I have a fabulous relationship so I get pictures regularly while she’s visiting. She got to talk to Santa and she lost a tooth on the 23rd!


Last night (yes, Christmas Eve) I got a call from my ex in the E.R. Gaia fell and busted her chin open while showering. She didn’t need stitches and they used the glue stuff to hold the deep wound together. She was strong throughout and she did a fabulous job of staying calm. I’m a little sad that I wasn’t there for her for her first (of many – if she’s anything like me as a child) major owie.

And I won’t lie, I miss her terribly during these “off years.”

Surprisingly, this was mine and Hutch’s first Christmas together. I go to Ohio with the kids every other year (when I have Gaia) to visit family, and two years ago Hutch and I were separated across state (it was a weird thing). So we did random shenanigans together with family this year. We went to his parents for lunch, then to my father’s for dinner. Then we headed to my friend Melissa’s home to visit since she’s rarely in town anymore. I’ve known Missy since before I fell pregnant with Gaia. It’s always fun to reconnect with her. She’s another fabulous gypsy friend of mine.

I couldn’t find an orange anywhere today, so no Glühwein was to be had today. However, I’ve decided it would be better served with friends over New Years, so we’re going to alter that tradition a tad.


How were your holiday festivities?



  1. Also my baby girls first Christmas….feel a bit guilty I didn’t make it a little more special (second child syndrome!)

  2. Sounds like a fun (yet almost stressful!) holiday! Glad your little one is okay.

  3. YIKES! Glad she’s ok. The holidays always seem to bring about some crazy memories!

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