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Ready for a New Year

I have been contemplating the direction this blog is headed for a while now. With the birth of my son this past year things kind of fell off there for a while. Moving, my daughter starting school, my journey into furthering my own career as a teacher… it all just added up and I wasn’t able to dedicate myself to this blog as much as I wanted to.

I want that to change.

All of those life things will still be around, but I want very much to continue sharing my life’s success stories with you. I want to share my failures, too, so that maybe one day you might learn from them.

I want to get back into posting about my crafts and my adventures in the kitchen. I want to post more photos of my children being happy (ones that aren’t necessarily posed for product reviews). Though I do still plan to do reviews and giveaways on a regular basis, I want you to also know that I am a genuine, real life human being behind the blog. I lost that feeling somewhere and I don’t like it.

I’ve had so many posts in draft mode forever. Personal posts, fun posts. Those posts never seem to get published because I’m constantly stressed out and frantically trying to meet my 1,001 deadlines. I need to get organized. And I think by doing so we’ll both enjoy this space a little more.

I want you to know that I’m also starting another blog. It shouldn’t take away from this one, which I’m going to now dub my miscellaneous life-stuff blog. It is called The Earthly Educator and it will be focused around my journey to becoming a teacher and later develop into a place for me to reflect. Hopefully I can share some lesson plans and activities as well.

So here’s to bringing in the new year with a fresh start. I hope to see you around a lot more, and I hope you will enjoy my efforts to becoming more present in the online world.



  1. Well, I certainly wish you the best in 2014! I hope you will be happy with your blogging changes, and with your new blog, too! Sometimes, it’s just nice to start fresh. I always enjoy seeing people’s blogs change; it shows that that person is growing and changing and learning, too. A couple of years ago, I realized that my blog didn’t feel like my own. I adjusted my content and made sure to only post about the things that I really cared about, that made me happy. Or things that I wanted to remember. Blogging became much easier and much more enjoyable after that, and I hope you have the same experience! Just remember that you don’t HAVE to blog–do it when you want to, but never feel forced to get out a post! (Which is something I always struggle with.)

    • Thank you! I’ve found it much easier to write when I feel like it instead of on a schedule. I hope to find the motivation to create more real content here and I’m excited for the change!

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