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A Day Just for Sewing

I turned 27 on Monday. It was a super relaxed day and nothing too celebratory happened. I did take part in some Waffle House breakfast and a free Starbucks coffee, but after all that I hurried home to spend an entire day on my new serger. An entire day!

When I sew I generally have to break a project up into little baby steps. If I get strait to work in the mornings this is my biggest stretch of free time. But generally what happens is after waking up I decide “oh let me google this” or “I wonder if so-and-so emailed me back.” Then I get sucked into internet world and before I know it that precious time of independent play is over and it’s time to do real life stuff.

My cousin and I were born 4 days apart. We grew up in matching outfits and were raised like sisters. I started my actual sister on using cloth pads (or mama cloth as it is more commonly called) about 5 years ago. I have no need since I use a menstrual cup, but I was happy to hear the my cousin Ila wanted to jump on the greener side of feminine products as well. I was very honored when she asked me to create her first cloth pad stash.

My mom has always been the family seamstress. It’s always been a little side-gig of hers and her specialty is costumes and cosplay. Six years ago after I had Gaia, my mom gifted me a sewing machine for my birthday. I broke down and cried because I was a new, overwhelmed mom and I didn’t feel like I had any time to do the things I wanted to do. I did eventually get settled. And I’ve made some cute things. I’ve made some weird things, too. I enjoy playing on my sewing machine regardless, and normally I’m not bothered by having to break projects up anymore.

But my mom likes to inspire me to create things, so she bought me a serger last week as an early birthday present. When I got it I set it on my dining room table (let’s face it, it’s a craft table) and promptly forgot about it for two days. However, once my mom reminded me of the glorious package I neglected in dinning room craft room, I got excited again. I read the manual and sewed some swatches. Once I was confident I could tackle my first task I began planning.

So armed with a brand new serger, adorable flannels, and a basic pattern I went to work. The pattern I printed was this one by Ice Moon Studios. I made some variations of my own though, extending it a bit and cutting on the fold making a one-piece pad instead of a pocket style. I cut two flannel pieces on the fold from the outer layer pattern and I used two layers of cut up microfiber inserts for the absorbent layer.

mama cloth pads basic

After lots of research I decided not to put PUL in the pads, but I made some doublers for my cousin to use on her heavy days instead (the cupcakes pictured above). These doublers are to be placed under the pad and on top of the panties. It has an extra layer of absorbent material and then the PUL to help prevent stains.

Someone told me, in reference to making diapers, that turning on a serger was really hard and to expect a long learning period. I just want to say that this is simply not true. Honestly, my serger turns beautifully and I enjoy using it more than my sewing machine! I did spend an hour trying to thread the damn thing when one of my spools ran out, but once I figured that out I was back in lala serging land.

I am grateful to have had my all-day craft day. It was a marvelous birthday indeed.

If you would like to order a basic mama cloth pad set I have listed them in my shop, Tiny Boss Designs.

The high I got from finishing a project to completion ran over into Tuesday morning. I woke up and made a dry/wetbag to accompany the pads on their journey north.

dry wetbag for ila

dry wetbag open

I was asking my cousin for guidance during the whole process, so I wanted to include something as a real surprise. Sewing PUL is a little weird, if you ask me, and it manipulated a lot under my needle. I wound up cutting a lot of excess, and still having a larger PUL lining than the cotton outer layers. It’s still adorable, so I sent it on it’s way. Hopefully Ila will get it all today and be super stoked to start her period. Haha!



  1. I’m in absolute awe of your skills. I have zero patience to sew and yet I actually enjoy doing it. But I get so frustrated with my lack of straight lines or my ability to keep the pieces together right or sewing over pins because I forgot about them that I just stopped trying. One of these days I’ll have a room to myself to properly work in vs the coffee table with little ones climbing everywhere.

    • My lines aren’t always perfect and I tend to make shit up as I go. I could be better if I had more time, but such is life. You know? We have to make time to do things we enjoy, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. 🙂

  2. These are super cute! I wish I knew how to sew.

  3. I always wanted to be good in sewing. I envy your sewing machine! And these pads are so cute. I think I will hesitate to use pads as cute as these lols

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