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Celebrating Milestones with ChooMee

I held off giving my baby solids on a  regular basis because I absolutely hate weaning so early. I love that breast milk is the perfect nutrition for my son right now and heck, could you say no to free food? And let’s face it… Who wants to deal with the table manners tabula rasa that comes with infancy? I hate the never-ending messes, not to mention the diaper output. I’m also moderately inconvenienced by having to sit there completely focused on this tiny drunk person trying to shove weird fistfuls of food into their mouth.

At nine months old I decided to give in a little.

I started out with some purees around I made with my Fresh Squeezed Station and once I spoon fed him the idea of putting stuff in his mouth (after all that time stopping him from putting things in his mouth), I began to sit him down for dinners. Anders is enjoying some great finger foods. Mostly just sweet potatoes and bananas, but we soon graduated to egg yolks and bits of tender meat. I then incorporated some of those spinach and kale wafers.

He was getting so good at feeding himself I wanted to give him more independent options without creating repetitive messes in my home. We just weren’t ready for the spoon. (And by “we” I mean “me.”) It was then I discovered ChooMee. ChooMee Sip’n is a soft cap that you use with those feeding pouches. The Sip’n is design to protect babies, maximize nutrition, prevent messes, and promote independence. Yes, that’s exactly what I need, thank you!

choomee sipn

The Sip’n works with lots of pouches including, but not limited to; Little Green Pouches, GoFreshBaby, Plum Organics, Earth’s Best, Sprout, Gerber Organic, and Infantino Squeeze pouches.

ChooMee is celebrating the month of February by offering $2 off every pack ordered at ChooMee’s online store. That makes each pack just $4.99! Offer Expires February 20th, so take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late!

Enter promo code FEELTHELOVE at the payment page.choomeeA little birdie told me that shipping price breaks are equally the best at 4, 7 or 8 units/packs per shipment. So don’t hold back! Stock up on these awesome accessories for your little one’s feeding. Feel free to pass along the great savings to a friend.


Disclaimer: I was given one or more of the products above for free in exchange or a review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. This is going to save me from SO many messes! Especially when my son squeezes it right in his eye! So glad I got to read this post, thanks for the info, I’ll be looking into these!

  2. that would’ve saved me so many times! I wish they had these when my kids were younger! glad they have them now, thought!

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