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Oh Mei! (A Carrier That Meets Me in the Middle)

There are so many ways to keep your baby close while tending to the craziness that seems to unfold in motherhood. Most of the women in my local group tend to reach for woven wraps, but I’m more of a mix between a mei tai carrier and a soft-structured carrier. That’s exactly why I’m loving my new Oh Mei! by Babyhawk. This awesome half-buckle carrier has the best of both worlds and keeps my baby close while allowing me to be hands-free.

babyhawk oh mei ahoy beard season

I always have a carrier on hand for all kinds of outings and adventures. I used to keep my Babyhawk mei tai in my car, but as Anders grows heavier I feel like the waist straps become quite diggy on my hips. I was bringing my Ergo along when I knew I would be wearing for a long time. What’s great about the Oh Mei! carrier is that I can get the comfort of the Ergo on my waist, and the adjust-ability of the mei tai all in one go.

Another thing that bothered me with my mei tai was that I could not get it comfortable for back carries no matter what. Though admittedly I still prefer my Ergo for back carries, the Oh Mei! carrier is more comfortable than my mei tai was. With the Oh Mei! I feel more secure having my baby on my back because the waist strap is thicker providing a more even distribution of weight.

Key features of the Oh Mei!:

  • This carrier holds babies up to 45 lbs. It’s the same with the Ergo, but mei tais tend to cap at 40 lbs.
  • The Oh Mei! accommodates larger parents. This was a big one for us because we’re a curvy couple, my fiance and I. I have to fully extend my Ergo for a front carry and my fiance can’t even wear our baby in the Ergo. Ergobaby does provide a strap extension, but it’s nice to have the option already there like we do with the Oh Mei! carrier.
  • The buckle adjusts from both sides keeping it centered. This was another thing we really liked. You wind up with two tails, but the Oh Mei! also has two “slots” (if you will) to feed the tails through and keep them from dangling. Having the buckle stay center is more comfortable because you don’t have it digging into the bony parts of your body.
  • The waist belt is taller. This helps to distribute weight more. Also, as a an unintended bonus I’m sure, the taller waist strap keeps everything looking slightly more flattering (read: smushes down the mommy pooch).
  • There are additional straps to adjust for your figure. Whether your pear shaped or apple shaped, the waist belt has straps that you can use to get an optimal fit for you whiel wearing your baby.
  • The creator behind Babyhawk keeps up with current styles and trends to continue giving you tons of awesome designs to choose from. You can even create your own unique carrier in the Babyhawk Design Center.

Where to buy:

You can buy the Oh Mei! half-buckle directly from Babyhawk Inc. It will cost you $100 or more, depending on the prints and features you choose, but when it comes to a good quality baby carrier the investment pays off. There are constantly new prints being released. To keep up with updates from Babyhawk follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Disclaimer: I received one carrier free of charge from Robyn of Babyhawk Inc. in exchange for a product review. All opinions and stories are my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. I LOVE the print of this carrier! I haven’t tried a Mei Tei yet but this one looks great!

  2. I LOVE that so much!!! Cutest one I have ever seen!!

  3. My husband would like this carrier too. The one I currently have is very girly so he doesn’t wear it.

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