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My Stop Smoking Journey Part 2 {Vapourlites Review}

It has been well over a month since I have smoked a cigarette. This is big for me, guys. Real big. Like I mentioned in my first confessional post about quitting, I started when I was young. My first motivation to quit was being distracted with all the things that come with having a brand new baby. That was 6 years ago. It didn’t last long and when I went back to work I went back to smoking.

I kept telling myself all these years that I quit before so I could quit again. Yep. Whenever I wanted. But the truth is I didn’t really want to quit. I tried a few times, but I just wasn’t there in my head. In my head smoking cigarettes was the only part of my old self I had left. It was the only part of the pre-baby Shary that I was able to still enjoy. So I clung to it like a rare gem.

stop smoking

In November I told you I was quitting. And I totally did. I had some Nicoderm patches that my medical assistant fiance brought home from his doctor’s office. I made it to day four on the patch, and then I started jonesin’. “I want to be a 50’s housewife,” I said. “I want to smoke a cigarette after dinner as a reward for making it through the day.”

“You’ll never make it,” Hutch said. “You don’t have the will power.” I was really mad at him at the time and I so wanted to prove him wrong. So I bought a pack and I had one a day for a few days. Then one day I was really stressed out and had 5. Then we went on a family trip for Thanksgiving and since my family all smoked I bummed form everyone. And I smoked 4 cigarettes every day. By the time I got home I was out of Nicoderm samples. I admitted my failure and said I’d try again later. I obviously wasn’t ready to brave the holidays without my dirty little habit.

Even though Hutch was right, I knew that I needed to quit while my motivation was high. As a mother I have been constantly reminded of model behavior. As a education major I am constantly reminded of the ideals behind a professional image. One of the most vivid images in my mind is the Children See, Children Do PSA. Since I’ll be a role model for children the rest of my life, I needed to take action.

I called the Florida Quit Line right after Christmas and explained that I was very serious about quitting, but I needed help. They hooked me up with some more patches. I also took advantage of a sale at Walgreens and got a total of 6 weeks worth of patches to get me started. And on January 8th I stopped smoking.

I was doing rather well this time. I made it over the hump of days 4 and 5. Those days are the worst for me and I was really excited when I woke up on day 6 without too many cravings. On day 9 I fumbled. I got into an argument with Hutch and after dropping him off at work I bought a pack of cigarettes. I smoked 4 cigarettes that day. That night I went to the gas station and busted out a sharpie. I wrote “Free. I quit!” on my last pack and left it on the ashtray. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, but I couldn’t keep them either. I like to think it helped someone else have a better day.

I have heard a lot about how e-cigarettes have helped people quit smoking all throughout my journey. I was having trouble adjusting to the idea of vaping because, lets face it, it kind of sounds dumb. I’ve heard people bash it, and I’ve heard people rave about it like it’s the new thing. “The cigarettes of the future,” is what my brother-in-law calls them. The whole idea is an eye-roller on the surface.

But at this point I was so very desperate. I needed a cleaner, safer way to deal with my triggers. That’s when I heard about Vapourlites. Vapourlites is a UK based electronic cigarette company specializing in giving the most realistic smoking effect without all the harmful chemicals. After doing some research I knew that vaping could only aid me in my process. Vapourlites is a very trustworthy and friendly company, so it was an honor to start with them.

vapourlites starter pack

I started my e-cig journey with the VL4 Menthol Starter Kit and was not disappointed. This basic starter kit comes with the battery (that’s the long, white part), the cartomizer (the “butt”), and a USB charger. The batteries that Vapourlites cig-a-like systems come with are automatic, meaning that when you draw from it you’re getting vapor. I like this because it is the most like smoking for me.

vapourlites e-cig

The cartomizer, called “cartos” for short, are replaceable. I really like this feature because I chose to start with a moderate dose of nicotine in my original carto. When I purchase replacement cartos I can continue to scale down and wean myself off. You can even refill your starter kit cartomizer with the new line of Vapourlites e-liquid.

Vapourlites is very fair in price when compared to other websites. It just kind of sucks that they do not have any US retailers because shipping does take a long time from the UK. In the case of an emergency, Vapourlites batteries work with a select number of other e-cig cartomizers.

Do I owe all of my success to Vapourlites? No. I like to think that I was determined and that is what brought me to take the necessary steps to be as successful as I am feeling today. However, I do feel a ton of gratitude for Vapourlites for helping to make this struggle a little easier to bear.

I’ve recommended my mother to try using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. If you are struggling with making the change for yourself, I would definitely recommend you do the same.


Disclaimer: I received one or more products above free of charge for review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies.



  1. I wish you much continued success in your determination to quit smoking. I know that this hasn’t been an easy journey for you. Stay determined!

  2. Maybe I am lucky I broke out in hives when I tried smoking a couple times…..never had to break the habit

  3. AWESOME! Congrats on quitting and keep up the good work! Your health will thank you (and so will your wallet)

  4. Congrats on quitting! I know a few people how have quit smoking and they are so thankful they took that first step. I agree with you, you have to want to quit. Otherwise, it won’t work. Good luck on staying strong.

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