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We Love Buttons Diapers! {Review}

I started my stash with 28 cloth diapers in the same brand just to ease myself back into it. That was last summer. Now I’m successfully buying and trading and experimenting with other brands and other styles and finding out what I love more than my usual workhorse. I heard the Buttons Diapers buzz a few times before, but I didn’t really buy into it until recently. And I must say… they re really awesome!

buttons diapers

Buttons Diapers are an easy snap-and-go system made up of two parts. A simple outer shell (also known as a cover) and a snap in insert. The nighttime inserts come equipped with extra absorbency to handle overnight issues. Whether you choose nighttime or daytime inserts, the covers are able to be used over and over again. (That is, assuming your little one didn’t “drop a deuce,” as they say.)

buttons diapers for babies on the go

We love Buttons because it is a really simple system and makes for less laundry overall. And the best part is, you can use other inserts, too! I branched out to other snap-in inserts first, but quickly began using other makeshift insides. I use fitteds, prefolds… whatever I have on hand really! Buttons diaper covers work with everything.

And they’re perfect for emerging toddlers on the go! Buttons Diapers have double gussets around the legs and non-constricting fabrics that allow for tons and tons of experimental movement. Which is perfect since all this little guy wants to do is move move move!

buttons diapers cutie

You can score a starter pack with four covers and twelve inserts for $85. Colors are creatively named after fun colors like Banana and Pebble (the yellow and gray that I chose for this review). The colors are really mellow and each diaper is adorned with an adorable embroidered button.

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  1. These are so cute! I love how they are very user-friendly and can be used in just about any setting. We used disposables, but if I’d known more about cloth diapering I might have considered going that route.

  2. These are oh so cute! I also didn’t use cloth, I don’t know much about it, and have one I’m trying to get out of diapers πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing!

  3. These look nice and simple. Cloth diapers that practically need rocket scientists to snap them all together always intimidate me, so I like how these are a little more user friendly. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love the snap-in insert. All-in-two diapers are my favorite.

  5. Holly Stavness says:

    I love that you can reuse the shells!

  6. The nighttime inserts are the best, hubby tried to snick them in to our heavy wetter every chance he gets.

  7. Jill Ferguson says:

    I love the double leg gussets and the double layer of pup and the elastic on the front and back…I really just like these diapers!

  8. Brandi S says:

    I love that the inserts snap in so they don’t shift around!

  9. Brenda P says:

    I’m new to cloth diapering and I’ll admit that it seems a little overwhelming. But… covers and inserts such as these make it a little less daunting! I’m looking forward to experimenting with prefolds in the covers as well.

  10. i love that there is only ONE row of snaps! other cloth diapers can be really confusing/tricky, especially with a squirmy baby, to get the correct row of snaps lined up properly. and i really like that they include both a daytime and nighttime insert so you are not forced to pick one or the other, or worse, buy the other one because the included one doesn’t cover both day and night!

  11. I appreciate the simplicity. Snap it, snap out. I’m usually use prefolds/flats and covers, so the fact that I can reuse the cover is great.

  12. Monica Kyarsgaard says:

    I absolutely love the ease of Button Diapers! They are absolutely adorable and the snaps to hold in the inserts are ingenious!

  13. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I love my Buttons covers and inserts! I love the colors, especially Pebble, and I love them for overnight use. I never have leaks and can double up the overnight and small insert for my son.

  14. Amanda S. says:

    I just love Buttons diapers! They are so easy to use! I love the cute button on the butt and the new prints!

  15. Juliette says:

    I love that it is a one-size diaper and affordable to use!

  16. I really like their covers. They are soft and stretchy. However their inserts didn’t Work for us.

    • I’ve been known to switch out other snap-in inserts. That’s another thing I love… the versatility!

  17. barnolds barnes says:

    I really love the cute button on the back.

  18. Mia Hicks says:

    First off, these are just too cute! I love though that they are one size… which means less for this momma to have to continuously buy as my LO grows.

  19. Sarah Hayes says:

    they look like great diapers. i love the kind of system tht they are and that you can reuse the shell

  20. Rebekah H. says:

    We love AI2s, though we mostly own pockets. My husband especially likes them because “assembly” is pretty much a no-brainer (he had trouble with BG Freetimes, even). We started with BBs, which I loved until the elastic prematurely died and we discovered that BB makes it impossible to replace the elastic– a HUGE minus for me when it comes to considering purchasing a second time.

    We don’t currently own any Buttons, but a friend does, and I do like that they had a little more stretch to them than some of the other AI2s we have. They’re at the top of my list for updating our stash!

  21. I really love the double gussets. It helps so much with blow outs and i think buttons inserts are one of the best ive ever used

  22. Chris brown says:

    I like the all in 2 design, snaps keep the insert in place, and easy to re-use the cover. I love their new cherry color.

  23. Kylie M. says:

    cute button design

  24. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    These diapers are so cute! I love the elastic in the front and back of the covers

  25. I love the easy snap in AI2 system…and they are so cute!

  26. Julie Ghrist says:

    I love that you can use the shell for more than one diaper change

  27. We like all ai2s

  28. I like how much you save- 1 shell and several cheap inserts is so much cheaper than several diapers.

  29. Tannis W says:

    I like that these diapers have snap closures. They look easy to use and are affordable.

  30. Lara Clinton says:

    I love how simple these are. I feel like it’d be easy to leave someone unfamiliar with cloth diapers with these and they’d be fine. They’re super affordable too!

  31. Jodi Armstrong says:

    Love the snap in inserts- looks so handy!

  32. Hannah Avery says:

    I like that they are versatile! Also, the button on the back is super cute!

  33. Elaine Buonsante says:

    I love the fact that you can use different types of inserts with Button Diapers besides the ones that come with them.

  34. Jay Dee says:

    I like that they have both daytime and night time inserts.

  35. Amy Jarrell says:

    I LOVE snap in inserts with my AI2’s…and the cute button on the back isn’t bad either πŸ™‚

  36. Wendy Mastin says:

    I like that they have double gussets around the legs

  37. Rebecca T says:

    I love the colors these come in, and I like that the inserts snap into place, or that you can use the covers with other types of inserts. It’s a very versatile system. The button on the butt is so cute!

  38. I love the double gussets and that you can reuse the shells

  39. Liz Downes says:

    that little red button! πŸ™‚

  40. I like that the shell can be reused until dirty.

  41. I love everything about these diapers…the affordability, quality, snap in liner, and a great fit. Not to mention beautiful covers!

  42. Jennifer says:

    I love that they have double gussets. I also like that you can really use any kind of insert, flat, prefold, etc. Plus they’re adorable!

  43. Buttons Diapers have so many perks. The different absorbent inserts are fantastic and the snapping system does not look confusing.

  44. Rachel R. says:

    I like that it’s an AI2 system with different types of inserts, so less laundry!

  45. I love that you can use the covers with flats and prefolds too! And how stretchy the covers are!

  46. Vicki Hall says:

    I love the colors and prints they come in . I also love that I can reuse the cover I love the snap in inserts and double gussets

  47. amanda w says:

    A buttons diaper was my very first diaper so I will always have a special spot for it. I love the double gussets!

  48. I’ve been dying to add some Buttons Diapers to our stash. We are a primarily prefold/covers family and I love the look of the Buttons with the convenience of “bulking it up” a little with it being an AI2! I think this would be a great night time solution for us!

  49. Ashley Despain says:

    I love that they come with a nighttime and daytime insert.

  50. Tracy Dennison says:

    I LOVE snap in inserts with my AI2β€²s…and the cute button on the back is so cute!

  51. Jahcinda Jordan says:

    I love that there is an insert for overnight’

  52. Kortney Picker says:

    I love the one-size adjustable cover the best, I have having to buy multiple sizes, this is so nice!

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