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Hullabalu Presents “Pan: Chasing The Keeper” {Review}

Today I am on a road trip. I am crazy and insane for today I am trapped in a car driving all day towards Kentucky. Alone. With two kids. I can not decide if one or all of us should be on drugs. I might just die.

I’m packed with my arsenal of things to keep them busy. For the baby it’s noise makers (yay) and food. For the six-year-old it’s games, apps, and more apps. And not just boring Cut the Rope either. No way. Today I am letting her use my phone to play the interactive story of Pan, a panda with a mission!

hullabalu pan

In Pan: Chasing the Keeper (the second book in the series) we follow Pandora as she searches for answers about her family, the Beribolts.  The story is narrated out loud with an easy to follow navigation. The text can be made bigger or smaller depending on whether or not you’d like to read along.

hullabalu pan chasing the keeper

So, haunted by the strange happening back home, Pan is on a quest to find The Keeper. She runs into a new tribe of warrior bunnies and quickly begins to make friends. Each friend has their own personality and the characters make this game really interesting for the littles in your life.

hullabalu beribolts

The game is witty and magical. There’s an easy way to rush through each screen for a fast-paced version, or you can enjoy each segment by playing short, interactive games. My favorite part was the part where you could dress up Pan and her rabbit friend by eating different shaped cookies. Can you guess that characters below from your favorite fandoms?

hullabalu pan potter

Although I’d say this game is best for kids of elementary school age, younger kids will enjoy it too just because it’s so darn interactive. (Everywhere you click a little animation happens or someone talks. I mean it’s brilliant!) As a bonus it teaches core values like honesty and loyalty, which are important in today’s society.

The best part is that both part one and part two from Hullabalu are free to download in the App Store for iPhone! Heck yes!

It’s sure to be a hit for at least an hour.  *wink wink*


Disclaimer: I was asked to do a free review for this item. The only reason I am is because I think it’s adorable and you really should download it. All opinions are my own and I shall not tell lies!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful game and story in one! I’ll surprise my 5 year old with this today after we take the older kids to school.

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