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St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Window Rainbow

We’ve been getting the weirdest weather here in Central Florida. I forget that other places are all in the middle of some crazy-long winter without an end in sight. I am lucky that the second hand stores are already purging their winter stock with $1 sales and $5 grab bags, or I’d be S.O.L. for my trip next week.

It did rain today, which I assumed would bring in some cooler weather for sure. We do have a light breeze, but for the most part everything is still a bit muggy. That’s Florida for you. Good thing The Dollar Tree carries such a huge selection of craft supplies and inspiration for every holiday.

This year I decided to skip the door hanging (truth be told we’re having some issues with theft and vandalism in our complex right now – no bueno) and create something for our window instead. I’ve also been meaning to get rid of the abundance of toilet paper rolls. After some serious soul searching, the toilet paper roll window rainbow was born!

the dollar tree window rainbow


  • toilet paper rolls – I used 7 cut into 5 rings each
  • scissors
  • tissue paper in rainbow colors
  • glue in squeeze bottle (plus hot glue gun if possible)
  • gold ribbon (I got mine from a bow) *optional
  • foam clover cut-outs *optional
  • single hole punch *optional



the dollar tree tissue paper rolls

1. Cut the toilet paper rolls 4 times to make each tube into 5 rings. I just gently flatten and cut. Then I gently open, reshape and complete each ring.

the dollar tree tissue paper roll rings

2. Trace one of your rings on the tissue paper. Then add the average width of your toilet paper roll rings all around. Cut out enough tissue circles for each toilet paper ring to have one.

the dollar tree tissue paper rainbow

The Dollar Tree has awesome rainbow packs of paper that include 5 colors. Rainbows can have more depending on how technical you want to get, but I just stuck with the basic 5 colors. Since I had 7 rolls cut 5 times each, I needed 7 of each of the 5 colors. You would cut however many tissue circles to correspond with how many tubes you started with.

the dollar tree glue tissue

3. Zig-zag the glue from the squeeze bottle onto each toilet paper roll ring. Set the tissue center and gently adhere to the outsides of each ring making sure to pull taut.

4. Arrange your rings by color in the pattern or shape of your liking. I busted out my hot glue gun to assemble my rainbow because I am impatient. You could just as easily used the same Elmer’s glue or what-have-you.

the dollar tree rainbow

5. Use a single hole punch to create holes in both the bottom ring and the foam clovers (if using). Using the gold ribbon, tie together so that the clovers hang down from the rainbow.

the dollar tree st patricks day

Using supplies offered at your local Dollar Tree, this project cost less than $5 total. If you have a stock pile of craft supplies, you could spend even less for this easy project. And you get to reuse and re-purpose something to get a little more out of it.

Hang it up and admire!


Disclaimer: I was compensated to provide the links and information in this post. However, all personal stories and opinions are my own. I shall not tell lies!


  1. This is darling! I am pinning this!

  2. What a cute idea! I love that it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg to make too!

  3. I had no idea those were toilet paper rolls! I thought some colored clever!!!

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