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Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Cincinnati Saved My Vacation

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So I just got home from my Spring Break road trip thing. Not that traveling with kids is ever a fantabulous vacation, but the winter on-off switch tried it’s best to make matters worse. We arrived in Northern Kentucky with beautiful 60 degree weather, but before long it was below freezing and snowing. It warmed up again before we left. By that time my children and I were in such a climate change fuss there was no stopping the illness that was to follow. Thankfully the Walgreens Healthcare clinics were there to rescue us.

Healthcare Clinic Cincinnati has several locations nation wide and finding one near you and scheduling an appointment is easy. Simply visit the website and use the easy-to-navigate screens to find a Healthcare Clinic near you. Or, you can save time and schedule on the go using the Walgreens App for iPhone.

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Once I scheduled my appointment I printed off some paperwork and filled it out in advance. You don’t have to do this step, but I wanted to release knowledge of my visit to my doctor back home so I filled out a release form. I then made my way to the nearest Healthcare Clinic.

I took my nearly one-year-old with me as a reference for my illness. See, Anders started it off strong right in the middle of our trip with his disgusting cough. My symptoms started the day before our anticipated return trip home (a 13 hour drive), and I wanted to nip them in the bud to deal with the sick baby on an already drawn-out car ride. (Walgreens Healthcare Clinics do not tret children under 18 months old.)

Each clinic is nestled comfortably next to the pharmacy at participating Walgreens.

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I had some issues getting my insurance approved since the system was down, but once that was all cleared we were good to go. I saw the Healthcare Clinic Provider who basically did an overall exam and asked me some basic questions about my lifestyle.

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We talked about the symptoms I was most concerned about and the healthcare provider took a look in my throat. Since it hurt to swallow, she did a swab test for strep throat although there was no visible infection. The culture takes 5 minutes to react so she continued examining me and talking to my adorable baby.

I had some nose bleeds during this vacation, but I generally always experience some nasal issues while visiting my relatives up north during cold weather.  When I mentioned this, she took a look up my nose. She noticed a lot of sinus swelling, so she prescribed a nasal spray.

The test for strep throat came back negative. It was concluded I just had the common cold. However, Tthe healthcare provider was nice enough to not write me off and assume the worst. I really appreciate her jumping ahead because my baby looked like this:

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As a mom it’s up to me to take care of everyone else despite my own health. I went to Healthcare Clinic Cincinnati to keep myself two-steps ahead of the game, and I was given the treatment I was seeking.

It was recommended I get some Ibuprofen (for inflammation and pain management) and Mucinex DM (to make my cough more productive) on top of my prescription. We double checked to make sure that all the medications were safe for breastfeeding, and then I walked out with my arsenal of meds.

Healthcare Clinics are part of participating Walgreens stores nation wide. Check the website or the mobile app for locations near you or on your route during road trips. I know visiting one of the many Cincinnati locations made me feel better about getting a head start on managing my illness. The weather is insane right now and you never know if it’s winter or spring. It’s always reassuring to have a handle on my healthcare, no matter where my adventures lead me.



  1. I had a great experience when I had to go to a Walgreens clinic when we were on vacation last fall. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

  2. That’s so great you didn’t have to suffer through your vacation until you got home to see your doctor. #client

  3. Nice to know you can be taken care of, even on vacation! We love our HealthCare clinic!

  4. That’s great that you can get seen anywhere in the country thanks to the HealthCare Clinic! I hope you’re feeling better.

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