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Keeping Baby Warm with Zipadee Zip

I’m beating myself up right now. Despite my efforts to stay on top of our illnesses, things got a little crazy after we returned home from our Spring Break. I found myself snuggling in bed most of the last week next to a sick baby. I guess when it comes down to it, we just weren’t prepared for the craziness that was the Spring-Winter-Spring weather we encountered in Kentucky.

The weather here in Florida is rainy and muggy. As we recover from our illness, I’m slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Like going outside and enjoying my sweet little neighborhood. And baby wearing of course!

zipadee zip baby wearing

I asked on my Facebook page about things that parents felt was a necessary purchase for their little babies, and swaddling blankets was high on the list of priorities. Although I never swaddled my babies, the innovative design of the Zipadee Zip serves multiple purposes.

zipadee zip clapping zipadee zip tiny hands

The Zipadee Zip sleep sack comes in three sizes. These awesome swaddling sacks give baby a smoother transition from womb to the crib. Though the sizing does differ a little in the width of the garment, the secret is really in the resistance that the Zipadee Zip has. The size small, which is recommended for new babies who’d comfort would be enhanced by the constriction the size small offers. Mediums are for babies who have grown accustomed to free-moving limbs, and a size large has no resistance at all and is meant as a transition to PJ’s.

What we love best about Zipadee Zip is that the lightweight cotton allows for Anders to be all bundled up while baby wearing. It keeps little hands tucked in, but still allows for movement of little limbs. It looks so comfy… like a Snuggy for babies! We’re definitely adding Zipadee Zips to our arsenal for future winter weather experiences.

we love zipadee zip

Zipadee Zips come in all different prints and materials, like fleece sacks for colder climates. You can follow Zipadee Zip on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on new prints and designs!


Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above free of charge in exchange for a product review. All opinions and stories are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. These are so awesome! LOVE it!!

  2. Huh? Interesting design! I bet it would be a helpful car seat alternative to bulky jackets.

  3. This definitely looks like he would stay warm. Love the colors!

  4. mel cowdell says:

    I love this!! Have to have one!!

  5. Glad the Zipadee-Zip made the top ten list! This product has really worked. My son is able to sleep an average of 2 hours plus per night, which means my husband and I also sleep! Seriously, the first night we all were able to sleep. My baby is also a mover, his swaddle blanket suit allows him to move around! Has anyone else had great experiences with it?

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