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Once Upon a Time… {Doodle Hugs Review}

There once was a girl named Gaia.
She loved mermaids and papaya.
She drew one with pink hair
Who just didn’t care.
I tell you, this girl was on fire!

I made that up. It seemed fitting. I’m also writing again at 3am. I was totally doing this decent hour thing for a while there but I’ve fallen off the bandwagon again. This happens when I get overwhelmed and feel busier than I should be. I am cursed I tell you! Good thing the poem is fitting considering…

Gaia got the best present ever a few weeks ago. I left it as a total surprise and I got like super dooper mom points, too. Gaia loves to draw. You can’t tell by her homework, but in her free time here at home she will draw for hours if given the freedom to do so. I have to admit that little brothers making creating masterpieces a lot harder than they used to be. But she still gets inspired and pumps out some gems.

So I won a Doodle Hug from the Handmade from the Heart giveaway hop back on February. Doodle Hugs are your child’s drawings brought to life. Karen (the wonderful seemstress behind the hwole operation) takes a drawing your child did and translates it into a large, adorable plush toy that your child can admire and cuddle.

doodle hug drawing doodle hug happy customer

Gaia drew the mermaid above quite some time ago. Although I normally hang up these awesome gals, I didn’t get around to displaying this one. But I kept her in a safe spot. So when I won I scanned it and set it to be made in a Doodle Hug. And voila! A few weeks later Pink-haired Mermaid was brought to life!

doodle hug excitement

She really likes this thing. I thought the yarn hair would be a pain and get tangled, but it’s actually holding up rather well for a mermaid being thrown about by a six-year-old and yanked around by an emerging toddler. I was surprised at the details put into making the mermaid a quality product. Kids drawings are awkwardly impressive, and Karen definitely captures that in her work with each Doodle Hug.

doodle hug mermaid doodle hug mermaid face

Funny story: Gaia is a real six-year-old girl. And you know how six-year-old kids are… all critical and big mouth. Karen contacted me after first receiving the scan of Pink-haired Mermaid and asked if the top was one color or two and I said something like “I’m on my phone I don’t know just use your judgement.” So Karen made it one color, which was totally fine and reasonable. As soon as we get Pink-haired Mermaid Gaia says “Mom, this can’t be my mermaid because her top is just orange and not orange and red.” I told her it must have happened during shipping. “Maybe a side effect from adjusting to Earth,” I said. Clever, right?

Just you know… in case you were thinking the same thing. It’s totally my fault.

But in all seriousness, Karen was amazing through the whole process and made sure we were satisfied customers. I think Doodle Hugs is an amazing product for children of all ages. I fully endorse Karen’s business and you should all rush to her Facebook page and check out other amazing creations.

And they lived happily ever after!


Disclaimer: I won this product and was not compensated for this post. I was not asked to write this review.  I love Karen’s work and want her to be successful. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. That is so cute! I will definitely pass that site onto my friend who also have young children. I like reading your blogs, you’re talented and super creative 🙂
    I hope you and the fam bam have a blessed Easter 🙂

  2. That is the cutest toy idea I have ever seen. If this is still around when Tula starts drawing I want to do this. *Amazed*

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