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Keep Baby Close with Lalabu

A lot of moms agree that keeping their newborn close is a top priority. When babies are near us they feel safe. Being close to mom regulates breathing, body temperature, and allows for a more in sync bonding experience for both mom and baby. Generally parents who want this constant closeness reach for a wrap or baby carrier. Though very popular, wraps can be clunky or intimidating. The Lalabu Soothe Shirt™ strives to offer the same comfort of a wrap without the hassle of a carrier.

Lalabu Ashlee

Meet Ashlee and baby Nathan. Ashlee is my local admin for the Tampa Bay Babywearing group. Nathan is an HBAC baby born at home in March. As you can see, he is super loved and as a seasoned babywearer Mama Ashlee likes to keep him close where he can be safe, warm, and happy. Since she’s so darn awesome, I thought the Soothe Shirt™ was perfect for Ashlee’s lifestyle.

First off, the fit of the shirt is vital. There is no room for error. Ashlee got an XL which was to my size specifications (based on bra size) and unfortunately the baby was far to low on her chest. Nathan’s face landed even with the middle of Ashlee’s chest. Once we sized down (thanks to the amazing customer service staff behind Lalabu) the fit was much better. Realistically Ashlee thinks that going even smaller would have fit the baby better, but would not have fit her body type. Putting the baby in his designated pouch, he was still a bit lower than we would have liked. But it was not terrible and once in the shirt Nathan was so snuggled that he quickly fell asleep! He did not appear to overheat and was quite comfortable. I do think the pocket on the front of the shirt should be slightly narrow to help the baby spines stay more straight.


Putting him the shirt and taking him out was very easy. No struggle what so ever.

My favorite part of the shirt (besides the link to babywearing, obviously) was that it really did look like a normal shirt. Ashlee said she was able to wear it out in public and nobody could tell. The material of the shirt was not super thick. Ashlee was actually quite comfortable wearing it and did not get all sweaty and gross (which sometimes happens after a long time wrapped in the Florida heat). Ashlee was able to wear the shirt walking around the store with no stretching or sagging either. Nathan stayed comfy. Again we think with the pocket being so wide it was harder to keep Ashlee’s baby sitting up where he started so she had to adjust him, but it wasn’t a huge inconvenience.

Lalabu is a great way to keep baby close while out and about. And the ease of the Soothe Shirt™ makes breastfeeding convenient as well. When faced with those early challenges of motherhood, why risk complicating things? Look no further, Lalabu just might be the answer to your prayers!


Disclaimer: I received the help of my friend Ashlee and her newborn to write this post. All stories and opinions belong to either her or myself. We received the product above free of charge for review. I shall not tell lies!



  1. Awww baby looks so comfy and protected, and the top is very fashionable.

  2. What a beautiful post! My wish for the world is that all babies and Mamas could experience the incredible 4th trimester that babywearing allows us. I think your right that some wraps can be super intimidating for new moms. Some want to wear their babies but they are scared away by the complicated wraps (which can be great when given a chance!).

    I’ve included your review in my post, “9 Reviews Expecting Mamas Should Read”. Click here to check it out:

    Keep being the amazing Mama and advocate you are! You were made for this!

    Much love,


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