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A Prehistoric Adventure!

We celebrated Memorial Day at Dinosaur World. We literally live like 15-20 minutes from this theme park an it’s a shame we don’t get the chance to head out there more often. As first timers, we were afraid we’d signed up for something we weren’t prepared for. But to much of our delight, Dinosaur World Florida was the perfect mix of laid back and fun so we were able to explore at our own pace and leave with smiling faces.

I took my daughter and her father, because although we are no longer together we like to make a real effort to connect and stay friends. Because I’m not only a good friend but also the perfect ex-wife, his girlfriend and Gaia’s “step-brother” came along, too. My fiance didn’t want to come, so I ditched the baby and headed out for a load of super exciting fun! (And it totally was, in case you’re doubtful of my complex family dynamics.)

Dinosaur World is very family friendly. After entering through the gift shop, you’ll be greeted by a huge playground where children navigate through dinosaur bones and hang out on giant tire swings. This park is lined by sheltered picnic tables so you can sit down and enjoy lunch or rest while the children expel any extra energy. We visited right at the beginning and once more at the tail end of our visit.

The first thing we did was hit up the fossil dig. Here kids can sift through sand and search for their three favorite fossils to hold onto as a keepsake. There are shark teeth, ammonites, and other little prehistoric knick knacks. After this short activity, we headed over to the gem mine and looked for gems.

gem mining

Gaia loved the gold. I love all the pretty gems and I actually have a collection from when I was a child and my mom took me somewhere with a similar activity! I can’t even remember what exactly it was, but I remember holding onto my little pouch for weeks! And now it’s tucked away in my memory box. Maybe Gaia will cherish hers the same way.

We then made the trek around to explore some more. Gaia and Rio found a excavation site and we rested there for a while. The sand was super soft and the kids loved to brush away the sand to reveal a  stegosaurus.

digging up bones

I had a proud mama moment then because my daughter picked up all the brushes around the sand box. Every single one. All the kids before her had just left brushes and she collected them all and returned them to the appropriate basket. One other family was there and she noticed and she congratulated me on having a good child, and that made my day!

We had fun learning about paleontology at the Excavation Cave next. Our guide was super kid-friendly and Gaia got to see the steps of discovering fossils.

We mostly walked around and read the signs and talked about all the different dinosaurs. We had a blast and it was definitely a unique experience and a great way to spend Memorial Day.

prehistoric fun at dinosaur world

After hitting up the park one more time, we wound down by looking through the museum. Gaia sped through because she’s 6 and it’s “boring.” But at the end there are awesome animated dinosaurs. Rio can’t be fooled: “Hey look! Moving fake dinosaurs!” Haha.

We all got excited on our way back to the gift shop because we ran into this little penny machine. I collect these pennies form every theme park so we of course had to go get change and come back for each person to flatten their own penny. We’re horrible parents and gave the dirty pennies to the kids.

flattened pennies

After promising each child $10 for the gift shop, we parted ways and Gaia went to spend the remainder of Memorial Day weekend with her dad and I returned home to my toddler. I surprisingly didn’t feel as horrible for leaving him as I thought, and when I got home he had just woken up from a nap and was super happy to see me.

With over 20-acres to explore, Dinosaur World can help you tame the pitter-patter of little dinosaur feet. Check out the new Dino Gem Excavation, Geode Cracker, and 2 new interactive shows! Visit the Fossil Dig and Boneyard and try your hand at Paleontology, and then head over to the skeletal playground. Then set out along the covered walkways to explore the lush gardens and dino exhibits. This exclusive coupon for Dinosaur World gives you $2 off per adult: Click here.


Disclaimer: I received admission to Dinosaur World Florida for free in exchange for review. The links in this post are compensated with my participation in this campaign from US Family Guide. All stories and opinions are my own. I shall not tell lies!



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    you collected your stones at the reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina back in i think 1998.

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