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I Like to Paint

I like to paint. I used to paint when I was in elementary school art class. It was my favorite thing to do and I was lucky enough to have teachers that supported my desire to use different mediums and experiment with different techniques. I won a contest to see a local artist for my painting of a Florida panther in the 5th grade. Shortly after that someone close to me told me about all the hidden costs associated with pursuing such a hobby. Because we didn’t grow up with extra money in our family I got sad and stopped altogether. Aside from elective classes throughout grade school, I never pursued any artistic talents.

After Gaia was born I played with the idea f picking it back up as something just for me. Painting would be my version of “mommy time.” But I kept getting sidetracked and honestly things were too hectic for me still. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I felt truly settled and could take this idea seriously.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I had failed to put my plan into action or set aside some start up money for my old-turned-new hobby. I still hadn’t considered myself artistically incline. A friend of mine from my local babywearing group was raving about a new Pinot’s Palette opening local to us. Pinot’s Palette is one of those classes you take where they walk you through creating your own unique masterpiece. I went ahead and signed up to take a class with her back in April. I painted the coolest elephant ever, naturally.


I came home and I felt refreshed and excited! I wanted to paint more! I just happened to find canvas on sale at JoAnn’s, and then I was luck enough to score a free class at Craftsy: Basics & Beyond of Acrylic Painting (w/ Michael Lynne). I don’t have an easel or a super secret space to create, but the acrylic painting class and my cool hoarding skills made me want to take another class. So I signed up for a May painting at Pinot’s Palette. This time I had even more fun.

Walk in the Rain

Although I applied my knowledge from my Craftsy class, I wound up disliking my final touches on my “Walk in the Rain” painting. I’m probably harder on myself than I should be, but my trees are way too thick and they cover up all my beautiful leaves! Oh well. I’m throwing it in the bedroom because it’s still pretty sweet.

One of these days I’ll bust out my sale canvas and acrylics and work on an original idea. I’m that much closer to harnessing some real talent, folks. And this mama likes that feeling.

What do you do for you?


Craftsy Fine Art

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