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That Time I Accidentally Poisoned My Husband.

So I have an obsession with coconut oil. That includes both food and beauty routines. I’ve been known to just blurt out “Coconut oil!” halfway through conversations just to get my foot in the door and spark conversation. Coconut oil all the things!

Needless to say I have coconut oil jars laying about serving various functions throughout my house. (Tropical Traditions jars are just too fabulous.) I have to admit that the placement of this one particular jar might be a bit inconvenient: I have a jar of pure coconut oil in my “oil” cabinet (behind the salt and pepper), but right next to it is an old jar that is half full of my old wipe solution, which is now actually used to clean up poop from the carpet when Anders decides to pop a squat during naked baby time. The label of the wipe solution is ripped half off, but I admittedly couldn’t get it all the way so it still technically says “coconut oil” on it.

tea tree oil poison

This mysterious wipe solution is made from mostly water, with 1/4 cup coconut oil, a few tablespoons of lavender scented baby shampoo, and about 20 drops of tea tree oil in the large 32 ounce jar. We don’t actually use it for wipes anymore because my fiance Hutch (henceforth known as husband-man) hated using cloth wipes. Since he was so darn agree able about cloth diapering, I didn’t want to push it so we still use disposable wipes. Like I said, I still keep this solution readily made in a jar for other uses.

I’ve never had a problem with these jars living next to each other, but apparently it is hard to tell the difference between a watery, soapy, lavender smelling solution from a chunky, white, viscous coconut oil. Last night my fiance tried to do a thing involving dinner (it never works out) and decided I should walk him through frying sweet potatoes. I continued to work on a school assignment from the living room. He mentioned a few times that the “coconut oil” kept evaporating and he had to add more. Although I told him to use a fork to check readiness, he insisted on taste testing. Apparently, they tasted good they were just taking extraordinarily long to cook (he said).

Can you tell where this is going?

I inevitably wind up in the kitchen. I take one look at the potatoes and see that the “oil” is watery. I look up to my cabinet and see that the coconut oil jar with my wipe solution is in the front signaling that a wild husband-man has been here and didn’t put anything back where it goes. To confirm my suspicions I bring the pan to my face and yes, yes indeed my fiance had been frying potatoes in watered down baby shampoo and essential oils.

I had to take a 5 minute break to laugh. All the while my fiance is huffing about me judging him, which I assure you I wasn’t. It wasn’t until the effects of tea tree oil toxicity set in that I stopped laughing..

Did you know ingesting tea tree oil can be quite dangerous? Although a damaging dose is quite high for adults, TTO has been known to put children in to a coma and kill cats. Not even kidding. It is very important to take caution when using TTO internally, such as in a toothpaste or mouthwash. (Read: Don’t swallow!) And although I’ll continue to use TTO in a lot of my topical homemade goodies, I’ll definitely be more aware of where I keep it.

Symptoms appeared to carry over and worsen today. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea… all the fun stuff. The jar was half full at the time of the incident and my research concludes it would take several ounces of pure TTO to kill my fiance. So I know he’s just going to ride it out, like the bearded manly man he is.

If you somehow stumbled upon this post because you or someone you love has ingested tea tree oil, you can call Poison Control:


I have since moved my jar of homemade wipe solution, of course. I guess it belongs on the top shelf in the laundry room next to my bleach. (*gasp!* Yes, I own bleach. Call the green police!) That soapy intruder shall no longer reign terror on my husbands cooking adventures! Hopefully he will not be traumatized by this experience and make an appearance in the kitchen again soon.

Note: If it has to be said, I’m super sad my husband is sick. I’m also super sad he can’t cook though and that I have t even think about clearly defining cooking ingredients in my kitchen cabinet. In no way am I belittling him for making the mistake and I take partial responsibility for having bad organizational skills.



  1. Wow! Hope he feels better soon!!!

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