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That Time I Spoiled Myself.

Remember that time I said I wasn’t a wrapper? I was lusting after Kakadi Ahoi so hard and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. After everyone caught a glimpse of the original the pre-order last fall blew up! I still couldn’t afford it then, but I tried. I contacted friends and family and almost had everyone pitch in for Christmas. But not enough people thought it to be important. So the sale ended and I assumed it was gone forever.

And then the pre-orders arrived and everyone who just had to have one didn’t like it. It wasn’t as thick, this new version of Ahoi. And the colors weren’t as fluid. It caused a big stink on the babywearing forums because people were trying to get back what they paid but no one would bite. This new version of Ahoi wasn’t up to par with the original.

I was a small percentage of people who did not mind on bit.

It’s true… I’m not a wrapper. However, I had come across some money and the only thing I could think about was how much I deserved to be spoiled. My birthday had come and gone, our home was coming together… We were seemingly comfortable enough for me to splurge. And since my fiance was [lovingly] blowing his play money on car stuff I didn’t find important, I felt like buying myself Kokadi Ahoi wrap was totally justified.

So I felt around my local group (shipping baby carriers is so sketchy!) and found a reasonable price for a size 5 wrap. I still felt guilty handing over the cash, but since I quit smoking I saved $200. I just need to remind myself a few hundred times. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish.

ahoi back carry ahoi robins hip carry

I purchased the wrap with original intentions to further my spending to get it converted into a full buckle. Now I can’t decide if I should because we sometimes enjoy wrapping. Of course summer is kicking in here and Florida is hot as ever. I’m wondering if I should get a mei tai with wrap straps… or a reverses half buckle. The choices make me panic. Luckily I haven’t actually scored anything in the ways of raffles or random draws.

For now I have this wonderful Ahoi wrap. I like the thick, vibrant colors of the original, but I also really like the faint underside of this August pre-order. Sometimes I wrap the lighter side because I’m feeling it more than the bold side. Who knew?!

What have you done to spoil yourself lately?



  1. I was lucky enough to win a Cuddly Wrap when #2 was a baby. I’m still glad I won it as I used it a bit with her and #3, but I’m not a huge fan of wrapping. I bought a Mei Tai with wrap straps and I love it. I used to take it shopping with us, on walks and since #3 had reflex problems it was a lifesaver.

  2. How do you tell the difference between version 1 and version 2?

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