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Summertime Sun Catcher Craft (inspired by The Dollar Tree)

Summer is out, and for me it’s quite the adjustment having both kids all day long. My daughter is under some impression that every single day has to have either a field trip of huge, messy science experiment. She is so crazy! Luckily Florida summers have tons do rain so I can force her to sit inside and do arts and crafts instead. We had a big storm come through central Florida earlier this week, so we needed something to keep us busy most of the day. Luckily The Dollar Tree has tons of neat things to choose from. After just one inexpensive outing we were all set for our Summertime Sun Catcher craft.

For this activity you will need the following:

  • tissue paper in several colors
  • wax paper
  • glue (we used both a glue stick and Elmer’s)
  • scissors
  • a clear plastic tray

Prepare by cutting up tissue paper into tiny little squares. Okay, they don’t need to be too tiny. Mine were about 3/4 inch, some smaller some bigger. I did the cutting. Although Gaia can use scissors, she’s all rushy rushy so I just do most of the preparations.

Meanwhile, have the kid(s) draw their “accents” onto wax paper. We decided on a beach scene with fish and mermaids. So Gaia drew those on a  small piece of wax paper.

wax paper doodle

Details like faces aren’t necessary. What you’re going to do next is use some glue (we used our glue stick here) to glue down the tissue paper squares, making sure to overlap a few so that there are no holes. This gives our sun catchers a mosaic feel.

summertime wax paper sun catcher

Also, don’t pay too much attention to outlines. You’ll want to set it aside to completely dry. You can work on the base of the platter if you’d like. We just smeared Elmer’s glue on the back and put blue tissue paper covering everything below where our water line should be.

Once the accents are done, cut them out using the outlines drawn earlier. You should get very defined shapes here. You can then glue them down where they need to go in relation to the water.

dollar tree summertime sun catcher

It looks even better in the window!

rainy day dollar tree summertime sun catcher

Because the plastic platter is sturdy, it was easy to prop up and position. Depending on your window you may have to find a way to hang it. You can drill a hole in the platter, hot glue a ribbon or twine, or find a different way that works for you.

You can create sun catchers by simply making shapes on wax paper. The wax paper is quite transparent, but it adds nice stability to the tissue paper making it quite versatile. The possibilities are endless!


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