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That Time I Watched 5 Kids By Myself (Boba to the Rescue!)

I used to work in childbirth so I have a  weakness for moms struggling to follow their dreams in doing the same. As a family, I don’t have anyone to provide 24/7 child care for me to do that so I try to do my part by helping out friends when I can. It’s my way of keeping my foot in the door, so to speak.

Noon last Friday I was called to a friend’s house. She needed me for anywhere up to 9 hours (so most of the day). I obliged and packed my kids for a day at a house other than my own. I had been emaning to unblug a bit anyway, however I must admit that this wasn’t as “relaxing” as I thought. Go figure.

As Amanda the birth photographer headed out the door I realized that here I was with 5 children ranging from infancy to age 6. Alone. Oh my!

babysitting 5 kids

I made it three hours nearly sane. After that I was requiring more and more creativity just to keep them from killing each other! Adalynn is only eight months old and needed to be carried so I used her mama’s new anchor soft structured carrier to keep her on my back. My own son still takes two naps a day so when it was his turn to go down I threw him in my new Boba 4G and asked the older children to settle down and watch a movie while I attempted a mid-day nap for the babies.

tandem wearing

This is my first tandem wearing adventure and I must say it is not easy with two soft structured carriers. However, the awesome adjust-ability of the Boba straps makes it easier than it would be if I were still carrying around my Ergo. I replaced my old SSC (soft structured carrier) because the seat was starting to narrow with my growing toddler, but because he has short legs he isn’t ready for a toddler SSC. The Boba is a true standard carrier, but has many other perks that other standards don’t.

Like I said, the adjustments are amazing! All the straps adjust at both ends so you can put the buckles exactly where you need them. It took me a while, but once I found the appropriate placements for the buckles the Boba carrier became my new best friend. The chest strap even moves up and down to accommodate different carries! This makes front carries much more comfortable than they ever were in my other soft structured carrier.

boba to the rescue!

The makers of Boba really had long-lasting comfort in mind when creating this carrier. Besides the straps, the Boba 4G comes with many pockets to store not only the hood, but the foot stirrups for toddler wearing. And if you are wearing a teeny tiny baby, the front panel folds down and snaps to be small enough for them too.

With the help of my Boba (which has become my primary carrier and stays in my car for all my outings) I was able to get both babies to sleep while tandem wearing. I successfully transferred Anders out and onto a bed, but continued to wear the little miss. I had about an hour to breathe, which was necessary since I had another four to ride out before my back up came! Babywearing saves the day again!

Boba is offering one of each carrier to one of three winners. Use the Raffelcopter form below to enter for your chance to win a Boba wrap, Boba Air, or my favorite… Boba 4G! This giveaway ends at 11:59 EST on June 30th, 2014 and is open to U.S. residents only.

Good luck!

The winners have been chosen. Thank you for participating!


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  1. Carriers make my life so much easier! I’m a mom of four and my husband works 12 hour days, so I know what it’s like to be constantly outnumbered!

  2. I love my carriers – couldn’t live without them! I have an ergo and a boba wrap (perfect for the first month or two).

  3. I could never do that unless it was my own kids of course. Props to you! And we love our Boba 4G!

    • Exactly! I always waned a big family, but I think not being able to slowly transition into 5 kids made my work cut out for me!

  4. Abbey R. says:

    Oh my goodness this is hilarious! You are a GREAT friend and VERY brave!

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