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Breastfeeding Has Changed My Life

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Before I ever had children I would have laughed if you told me my life would be the way it is now. I was pretty much the opposite of what I am not, with a few underlying traits and opinions that only intensified with age. I never dreamt to be handed the life that I am blessed with. I am very grateful to have my two wonderful children and my soon-to-be-husband by my side each day.

I get overwhelmingly sad as I approach that ten year mark (the dreaded high school reunion… where you’re expected to have done something marvelous or at least remained to be half as exciting). Although I have fully embraced my life as a mostly stay-at-home-mom working her way towards that really awesome Bachelor’s degree that says I’m finally worth something, I can’t help but to constantly compare my life to others. I guess it’s human nature in a way: to constantly crave the grass on the other side.

Breastfeeding my littles has contributed a great deal to how I have lived my life. I often found myself wishing I could be a deadbeat mom. Oh how I wished I could bare to leave my tiny newborn with grandma and stay up all night drinking and doing whatever else young women in their early-twenties did when they didn’t miraculously find themselves pregnant. When I had Miss Gaia I knew she needed my love and my breasts. And that meant a whole new kind of tied down for me. I immersed myself into providing her those things. Because of my nurturing nature I didn’t do much for myself either.

When she was three or so (and very much weaned by then) I took some steps to getting my life back. Although I did drink a bit (whiskey is my weakness), I still remained very much “Susy Homemaker” a majority of the time. We made dinosaur hoodies, embedded glitter into my carpet lots, and failed at sugar cookies about 7 times before I finally had to tell Gaia that mommy didn’t know how to sugar cookie and it just might never work out the way she imagined. We enjoyed each other.

Now that she’s older she can understand when I go through the process with her brother. Though she may not remember breastfeeding herself, she knows that it puts limits on our activities. Together we find new ways to make life fun. And as Anders gets older and need less and less of my milk, I wonder what ever I’ll do with all that spare time…

But there will always be boo-boos to kiss, cheesecakes to sample, and glue skins to remove from our hands. Breastfeeding has taught me one thing: The children will always grow so take time to slow life down.


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