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Hipster: A New Kind of Babywearing

I love Kickstarter. I have supported lots of cool, innovative products on that website and I run across awesome campaigns every month. The new campaign for the HIPSTER™ carrier by Miamily is so fun and fresh that there’s no reason not to contribute to such an awesome product. I was given a HIPSTER™ carrier in blue to test so that I can tell you why you should back this amazing Kickstarter campaign.

HIPSTER review

The HIPSTER™ comes in three parts. First up we have the essential hip belt. Now to me this is the most exciting thing because as the mother of a toddler the world has a lot to offer his tiny baby bod as far as exploration is concerned. I’m sad to say he’s not much for being worn anymore unless he’s tired or things are really interesting. (For example, I can still wear him at the market every other Saturday.) The HIPSTER™ seat belt is perfect for normal gatherings and errands because he can run around or ride around in the cart, but then when he’s antsy I can just tuck him on my hip.

HIPSTER hip seat

The hip belt has a velcro band for smaller moms, and an adjustable buckle that stretches just wide enough for my voluptuous figure. Cecilia (the fabulous mom behind the HIPSTER™) assures me that future HIPSTER™ productions will account for larger moms, so that’s a plus!

The next piece is the single-shoulder attachment. For me this attachment is actually more comfortable than the traditional “backpack” attachment (featured later) because of the buckle placement. We’ve never worn forward facing out before, so it was a little bit of an adjustment. Anders loved it and couldn’t stop waving his limbs in excitement. Hence the blurry hands…

HIPSTER front facing out

The single shoulder carrier top transforms the HIPSTER™ into more of a ring sling carrier. You can keep baby at your hip or wear him in front (facing out or in). Like I said, facing out is a new thing for us. I still feel like his knees are too low, but I do know that the seat is solid and so I think that the newness of the carrier paired with my son’s excitement is to blame. The panels zip away to let bellies and backs breathe during hot winter months, which we can totally appreciate.

The reason I dig the single shoulder attachment more than the double is because I feel like the double is still catered to smaller moms. That’s totally fine because I have other carriers for that, but it is something to look into if you have curves like me.

However, we do love to back carry and the HIPSTER™ has a double shoulder carrier top that makes that possible.

HIPSTER back carry

Wearing my heavy toddler on my back is nothing new, but the new HIPSTER™ makes everything feel a whole lot different. The wide hip belt makes weight distribution pretty fabulous feeling, though the seat kind of pushes down into my lower back a bit. It takes some adjusting while moving, but the problem is easily solved by tightening the waist belt.

Keep in mind that the HIPSTER™ will work differently for different mamas, daddies, and babies. WE can dig it, though we mostly just use the belt for errands and gatherings. (It seriously feels so good to prop my baby up on the seat while nursing when it’s too hot to wear him.

If you would like to learn more about HIPSTER™ or the Miamily initiative, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here:


Disclaimer: I received one HIPSTER™ from Miamily in exchange for a product review and push for the Kickstarter campaign. All stories and opinions are 100% my own and I only endorse products in the best interest of my readers. I shall not tell lies!



  1. christina says:

    wanna send ur carrier forward(to me) 😉 once ur done? im a curvy mom too. so would love to try the hipster.
    8month old & 2.5

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