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Traveling with the iHide Car Seat Organizer {a Review}

It seems like I just got my daughter back from one grandmother and now she’s being shipped off to the other. Summers, man…. Full of road trips and excitement for young girls! This is the first truly active “independent” summer Gaia has had. At six-years-old, she’s been having her own experiences and enjoying the one-on-one time with her distant relatives. The road trip I went on back in March with both kids wiped me completely, so my mom drove all the way to Central Florida form Kentucky to kidnap my daughter for these last few weeks of summer.

Packing is always a chore when it comes to these mini vacations. surely she will come back with three times as much as I send her with so I want to keep it practical and light. I also want to make sure I provide her with the tools she’ll need to have a successful road trip to begin with. The Brica iHide Car Seat Organizer lets you “zip away the mess” so it makes Grams’s long ride with her granddaughter less of a hassle.

Brica iHide Car Organizer

This little thing is pretty fabulous considering the simple design you’re introduced to. I was truly surprised on packing it how many pockets and how much space there was to fit everything we needed! I also really appreciated that the tablet viewer pocket (pictured as an airplane cartoon above) can be easily tucked away so you aren’t reminded of how behind the times you are. Instead Gaia’s awesome Leap Pad 2 fits into one of the front pockets perfectly with all of her games.

iHide Car Seat Organizer

Though the backs of seats do traditionally have those map pockets, the iHide Car Seat Organizer makes it easier to find what you want when you need it instead of having to dig around. All that “normal stuff” we shoved into the really deep and spacious main bottom pocket. That’s five coloring books, a giant marker case, and a clip board with blank paper. Easily zipped and out of the way. BAM!

We ditched the Leap Pad case for the sake of simplicity. It’s so cozy in it’s mesh pocket! We threw the charger in the bigger mesh just for easy accessibility when they stop overnight. there’s still plenty of room for snacks when they stock up between the rest of that space and the pouch opposite of her water bottle.

Since she’s older I filled the wipes case with napkins. Although wipes are universal in this house, I didn’t want to risk them drying up when left in the car. Plain old napkins will do the trick if Gaia needs to tidy up or tend to a spill.

Three buckles and fasteners attach the organizer to the back of the seat. Just pack it full, put it in, and you’re ready to go!

I’ll miss my little girl as she goes on yet another adventure without me. But she’s having so much fun already how can I even deny her the experience of a lifetime? Cheers of independence!


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