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Learn a New Language the Easy Way with the Pimsleur Approach

Fun fact: My grandmother was 100% German born and raised. She met my grandfather as a waitress in a  local bar next to the military base. He was a regular there and although they had met it wasn’t until he paid for her to go to Berlin to bury her mom (may she rest in peace) that my grandmother decided to give my grandfather a shot. They got married, and my dad was born in France. They traveled some more, had more kids, and their kids had kids. Voila! I was born. And a whole 1/4 German at that!

My grandmother taught us a few words in German. She was very German and talked German on the phone all the time. She cried in German and cursed in German when her cheesecakes cracked. She used to promise me that she would take me one year when she visited family. I was always too small, and then I was always too busy. She fell ill of cancer and battled that for 5 years before finally going out gracefully in 2011. You never know how much you will miss someone until they are gone.

I have made it a goal of mine to learn German so that one day when I can afford to I can take off to Germany for a while. There’s not much left of the family my grandmother had over there, but I’m sure I have some second cousins or something. Worse case scenario I actually have several friends myself who I can perhaps make plans to travel with. Even an old pen pal I could look up! It’s not an impossible idea and so I’ve put it on my list this year to finally do something about it. Luckily for me the  Pimsleur Approach makes it super easy!

Pimsleur German I review

The Pimsleur Approach makes learning a new language feel natural. Making ti through disk one of Pimsleur German 1 was really simple! Each of the 16 disks contains a few units that are 30 minutes long. Because Pimsleur doesn’t want you to ruin the natural learning process by taking notes they are perfect for the car. You can move at your own pace, but it is recommended to revisit the language and interact with at least the audio lessons once a day. They are easy to follow; the pace is steady and the narrator is clear with his expectations.

I like feeling as it I can actually complete this goal of mine without struggling too much. And it’s a huge bonus that I have friends locally to help me practice. Germany, here I come!!!


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