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Keeping Up The Homeschool Energy with Bagel Bites

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Homeschool week 1 complete. Update: success! Things are starting to fall together and we’re slowly but surely getting into our very own relaxed routine. Some surprises lurked in the mix. One of the things I did not think about was how much food my child would need at home. Kids re pretty hungry little creatures, what with the constantly growing and all. We can’t always binge on fruits and veggies, so I try my best to focus on food that has real and high quality ingredients. Luckily Bagel Bites  and Delimex toquitos are just the kind of #AfterSchoolSnacks that keeps us going.

bagel bites #shop and homeschooling

As crazy as it sounds, I’m definitely a “Every day” shopper. I’m not very good at meal planning too far in advance and I really like having an excuse to take the kids out of the house. Since we’re focusing on money in our math lessons right now, every day grocery shopping helps us to practice those fundamentals as well. Gaia loves hitting up the frozen food section of WalMart for her favorite snack foods. Bagel Bites are made with real cheese and homemade sauce with 0g trans fat, so I can make the purchase guilt free.

bagel bites #shop freezer section

I like to throw in some Delimex toquitos as well. These are a great last-minute snack that my fiance enjoys. At our local WalMart the toquitos are in the center birds-eye chests for easy grab ‘n go! Bonus points!!!

bagel bites #shop cart

I like to think of myself as a master when it comes to combining convinience foods in the oven. I’m going to tell you my secret to cooking both Bagel Bite and Delimex toquitos at the same time. First take note of the conventional oven directions. Bagel Bites are cooked at 425 for 14 minutes and Delimex toquitos at 400 for 12.

bagel bites #shop bake with delimex

When combining foods like this, I preheat my oven to the highest degree necessary for cooking. In this case, 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I place my Bagel Bits on (leaving room for the toquitos) and I cook them for 4 minutes. When my timer goes off I turn the oven down to 400. I then add my toquitos and cook the whole pan for an additional 10 minutes. The Delimex toquitos said 400 for 12, but because we started at 425 we took off a few minutes.

And even though the Bagel Bites say they need to be at 425 for all of those 14 minutes, they actually turn out freakin’ perfect even with the temperature drop! Trust me on this! I do it for chicken and fries and it’s perfect every time!

bagel bites #shop omnomnom

These are such easy to make snacks, that Gaia can almost do it herself while using the microwave oven! You can head to your local WalMart and pick up your own Bagel Bites or Delimex toquitos using the coupons below.

Click here for the Bagel Bites coupon.

Click here for the Delimex coupon.

bagel bites homeschool #shop

Keeping up with all the work load is simple now that we have this routine that includes a significant snack time. These are snack must-haves for hard working kids and pizza addicts alike!



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