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Adding Fun to Our Bathtime Routine with Daddy & Company

This three-day weekend was a real doozy for us. The heat down in Florida makes living in the outside world hard, even for us natives! It’s a guarentee that if we do decide to venture out into the world everyone is going to come home slightly frustrated and hella stinky. The only cure is a cool shower and a nap.

The kids love bubble baths, but as we get more conscious of our choices in the home bath time has suffered a little. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I gave up looking for a reliable bubble bath that was long-lasting, smelled good, and also non-toxic for my little one. I thought that bubble baths were just out for us. With the help of Daddy & Company I have finally found something that we love to use to make bath time fun!

daddy and co health and skin care

Daddy’s new Health and Skincare line is an awesome assortment of everyday products that will leave both your baby and your conscience feeling fresh and clean. See, Daddy’s Health and Skincare products are made as naturally as possible without many of the harmful chemicals found in many so-called baby-friendly toiletries. They are also made 100% in the USA so supporting Daddy & Co. means supporting our local economy.

When given the option to review I chose “Calming Lavender,” though Fragrance Free is also an option. We love the smell of lavender here, and it helps to get rid of some of that funky mood while we’re simultaneously treating the funky smells. Daddy’s Health and Skincare offers baby powder (talc free), bug spray, baby body wash, and lotion. Our favorite and most utilized item is the bubble bath. We need bubbles in our life. Without them, cleaning up would be so dull and boring.

daddy and co health and skin care bubbles

I hear everyone talking of digging out the boots and sweaters, but for us Floridians we have a few more months of sweaty park excursions and splash pad adventures… And many, many more bubble baths!


Disclaimer: I received one or more products above free of charge in exchange for an honest product review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!



  1. I love that this line is geared toward dad’s. Makes bath time fun for daddy also.

    I’m hopping over from Green Mom’s Network FB support threat.

  2. How awesome that it’s “Daddy!” Everything is so mommy related that it’s nice that they gave dad’s a niche too!

  3. Oh, lavender bubble bath is wonderful. It’s a great for relaxing, and this sounds like a great product.

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