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Making Expired Breast Milk Lotion

This recipe has been revised to account for separation and spoilage issues. Please hop over to the revised version to get your expired breast milk groove on!

I have been blessed to spend most of my breastfeeding days at home with my son. Although I did recently decide to go back to work, there’s no need to pump much since he’s in full toddler mode with the solid food and almond milk consumption. I do, however, have plenty of milk in my freezer taking up space.

It’s a good thing, too, because that patch of dry skin I thought was pregnancy mask is hanging around making my face look all scabby and blah.


Try to ignore the fact that my Paragard makes me break out worse than adolescences ever did. Focus on that dry skin patch under my bottom lip. See that? I hate it. I had it with Miss Gaia during pregnancy, but it went away after a few weeks. Then I got it again with Anders, thus confirming my theory of it being a pregnancy mask thing. And after he was born it went away for a while until… DUN DUN DUN! Here I am again Googling “curing dry patches of skin.” Guess what the number one answer is…

Breast milk!

Well shucks! I am still lactating so one day I just squirted some on my finger and rubbed it in I noticed and improvement within hours. I did it again and again and it got better but never 100%. Then while I was talking about my issues in my breastfeeding support group I was told you could use expired breast milk to make lotion. Say what?! Skeptical, but amazed, I gave it a go.

expired breast milk lotion DIY

This recipe has been revised to account for separation and spoilage issues. Please hop over to the revised version to get your expired breast milk groove on!

Breast Milk Lotion Ingredients:

In a double boiler over medium high heat melt your oil and beeswax together. I used 2 ounces of coconut oil and one ounce of almond oil. You can use grapeseed oil, jajoba oil, or even olive oil if that’s all you have. Once they are combined add in the shea butter.

cleopatra's choice shea butter

Cleopatra’s Choice is perfect for this project because it is made with the finest, hand selected nuts of the shea tree in Ghana, Africa. This natural and organic shea butter has many benefits including curing dry skin issues such as eczema. Since that is what I presumably have, adding shea butter into this recipe was a no-brainer. Since Cleopatra’s Choice gave me both quality and bang for my buck, it was an obvious choice.

After the shea butter has melted completely turn off the heat from your burner. At this point I mixed in some honey. Honey has great anti-microbial properties as well as healing properties for your skin. It does take some effort to incorporate though, so you have to really work it in. At this point I grabbed a whisk to complete the lotion. Don’t move on unless all the honey is mixed in well. (You should no longer see beads of the honey in your mixture.)

Warm your breast milk up under warm tap water (assuming it was cooled or frozen before hand). Pour the EBM into your mixture and whisk quickly making sure each element is well incorporated. At first there may be a layering effect. Don’t worry, just continue whisking at a medium speed and it should all eventually come together. This batch took about 3-4 minutes to fully mix.

Transfer your mixture to a bowl to speed up the cool down process. Once your mixture starts to slightly thicken (you can tell because it’ll stick to the whisk), add in your vitamin E and lavender oils. (I added argan oil here too, just 3 drops. I didn’t include it because it was totally on a whim. No reason except for it’s fun!) Mix well.

expired breast milk lotion

When you’re done playing with it, transfer your lotion to whatever container you want to keep it in. I didn’t have any empty lotion bottles, so I used a salsa jar. Keep your lotion refrigerated for up to 3 months. (You might have to warm it up a bit to use. I go through mine pretty quickly so I leave it out on the bathroom counter.)

This recipe has been revised to account for separation and spoilage issues. Please hop over to the revised version to get your expired breast milk groove on!


Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I shall not tell lies!



  1. Aweeeeesome!! I love this and can’t wait to search my freezer for any frozen milk leftover from the triplets, lol!

  2. This is really neat! I may have to try this one day!

  3. How neat! I swear, breast milk is the answer to just about every ailment out their! Liquid gold for sure!

  4. That’s so cool. I never knew what to do with my expired breast milk. In fact, I think there’s still some in our freezer.

  5. What a wonderful review and use for expired breastmilk! Thank you for sharing. I definitely have the pregnancy mask and will keep this in mind. Thanks again!

  6. Never heard of making lotion with it, though my pedi did say it was good for diaper rash. I have low supply though, so none to spare.

  7. I’ve never heard of this! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m definitely going to try this out!

  8. Oh breast milk has so many uses! I want to try essential oils so bad too!

  9. This is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard of…I had no idea while I was breastfeeding, how many uses there were…especially to make a lotion! WOW!!! I will be sharing with my fans because of this awesomeness lol!

  10. Why am I not surprised! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Just curious if the milk can be echoed from the fridge? I found a 4 oz bottle in the back that I’m thinking was in there around a month.

    • If the milk is obviously sour don’t use it. It will be going on your body, so you don’t want anything that is spoiled to the point of no return.

  12. It is important to cool the oil down to warm, not hot,
    before adding the milk because the heat kills the
    enzymes and nutrients.

    • Thank you, Rose! I’m working on revamping this recipe so please stay tuned for the newer, updated version that explains about solidifying the lotion while keeping the nutrients intact. 🙂

  13. When the milk is not frozen but chilled it has a layer of the fatty stuff on top- do you use only that or add it all?

    • All of it, btu you want to warm it a tad so it incorporates more. I am working on revamping this recipe to account for some separation issues.

  14. I didnt add in shea butter. In the end, the milk is saperated. Is there any way to fix this? Or i can still use the lotion? Tq

    • You can mix it each application. I am working to fix this recipe to account for separation issues. I’ll have an update soon!

  15. 3 months? Does the milk stay good because of the oils?

    • Vitamin E oil helps extend shelf life, but my new recipe includes preservatives. I’ll have it posted soonly!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Can you make a lot and freeze it to keep it longer then 3 months?

    • Most likely, yes. Also, the new recipe I’m working on contains a preservative to help it have a longer shelf life. It’s a learning experience and I’m excited to share it!

  17. Hi,

    On reformulating to prevent curdling – I sell face creams and to prevent seperation when using beeswax as an emsulfier you really need to follow the rule of two parts oil/butter, one part liquid. I haven’t checked the grams of your recipe but that is something to keep in mind. To bind more liquid into the cream I would suggest buying an emsulfier. While a lot contain chemicals, you can buy vegetable based emuslifier like vegemulse. Just something to consider 🙂

    • Thank you! This is all still an experiment for me and I appreciate any feedback. This recipe is a lot better than the previous one. I don’t have any issues with separation. So far the biggest complaint would be that it gets quite hard at room temperature so I’m wondering if I should just ditch the coconut oil altogether and see if that helps.

  18. I tried this recipe but it kept separating whenever I put it in the refrigerator. Out of frustration I found a website that had lotion made from mother’s milk and purchased it. It smelled AMAZING! and I tried on my little boy’s eczema and it cleared up in just a couple days. I constantly keep a bottle with me now especially great in the winter months for my hands and face.

    The place I found it was

    Their soap is great too, but when I try to reorder they are usually backordered on the soap.

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