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Simplifying No Poo with Mirasol Farm

Guys, I have a confession: I was sick of the natural beauty routine that made my hair feel both dry and waxy at different intervals between showers. I could tweak forever and play with different methods, but I just want to live an easy life free of chemicals in which my hair still looks fabulous. In a moment of desperation I reached out to Mirasol Farm and begged them to send me more of their fabulous herbal shampoo bar. It seriously does wonders.

easy no poo from mirasol farm

The herbal shampoo bar from Mirasol Farm is top notch. No matter where I’ve bathed, no matter the water source… My hair always comes out looking and feeling fabulous. It’s important for me to have a life that is simple. And although my methods before were free of chemicals, there were issues with a time consuming routine and ratios of non-toxic ingredients. I just needed something that would clean my hair and preferably leave me smelling fresh. Mirasol Farm herbal shampoo bars is where it’s at.

I need something that lasts, too. Being a full-time mom and busy busy with homeschooling, my own education, and a part-time job on top means I don’t want to spend as much time fussing over my hair. I love being able to rinse off nasties and be on my way without worrying about washing or even wetting my hair. If I don’t play with it too much (and distribute the oils) I can go a solid 5 or so days between washes. That leaves so much more time for other things.

easy no poo herbal shampoo bar from mirasol farm

The backpacker’s bar has no Castile soap either, making it less likely to cause build up if you have hard water (like me).

So if you’re transitioning to hippie or considering no poo, why not make it simple? Time is money, my friends.

You can find Mirasol Farm products online at their website or on etsy. For a complete review of other Mirasol Farm’s natural beauty products, check out my friend Megan’s post.


Disclaimer: I received one or more products above free of charge in exchange for a honest review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!


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