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Soda-Free September

My fiance and I are getting married in November. That’s pretty crazy in itself. I mean after all this talk WE ARE FINALLY DOING IT! I’ve already sent invites and annoyed my father with all of the details 100 times. I’m getting ready to make the final payments on everything. It’s getting real! We’re in the 6 week window…

We started way too late to get sexy for the wedding, but we’ve decided together to get healthy. We need to lose weight. Both of us. As a stepping stone we’ve decided to stop eating fast food and drinking soda. In reality that just means I live in the kitchen now, but lucky for us I like cooking (when I don’t have a children screaming from the doorway, of course).

I’ve managed to do a  lot of cool things with my time. One of those is playing around with different flavor combinations in my Fruit Infusion Pitcher from Kitchen Frontier. I started out with raspberries (it’s one of my favorite flavors next to pumpkin) that happened to be on sale the same week I received my pitcher. Then I enjoyed quite a few pitchers of strawberry lemon water. Playing with those ratios was a blast for my mouth!

fruit infusion pitcher fronteir kitchens

The only down side to my Fruit Infusion Pitcher is that the lid often tips off while pouring. Since the infusion stem is connected it hasn’t ever fallen all the way off or caused a mess… it just doesn’t stay put during tilting. I can’t complain too much because it doesn’t affect my ability to pour at all. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

I want to use my pitcher to make flavor teas, and maybe cold brew herbal infusions! My mom got me a book called Cool Waters to experiment with and keep me hydrated during these difficult times.

You don’t know how dehydrated you are until you drink enough water. It’s shameful to admit, but I used to only drink soda. I’m serious! I bought soda every day in 2 liters and 12-packs. I would pee so many neon colors. Sometimes my bladder would hurt and I’d get a gross film in my mouth. It wasn’t until recently I started drinking enough water each day to reverse those nasty habits. I try to get in a glass before breakfast to jump start my day and get off on the right foot. It’s amazing how much better I feel! Just quitting the soda and fast food has my clothes feeling loose.

If you struggle with chronic dehydration from lack of water intake, I encourage you to experiment with infused waters. You’ll be getting all the same benefits of regular water intake, with an added bonus of delicious flavors!


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  1. I love fruit infused water! Great post and reminder of what we should really be drinking.

  2. I love this idea. Soda is my guilty pleasure and kicking it has been so hard. I love the idea of a month dedicating to eradicating it and trying to find alternatives.

  3. Love infused waters. I have also added ACV to my morning glass for a little extra kick!

  4. I LOVE infused waters! I just never figured out how to make them at home without dealing with a big mess — pulp, seeds, chunks. I really like your pitcher. I think I’ll pick one up. 🙂 And your various tea ideas . . . please post those when you make them!

  5. I love fruit infused water. Luckily though, I actually love drinking water I just don’t always remember to.

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