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My New Go-To Diner

I love food. I love homestyle breakfast food the most. Tampa is a weird little town sometimes and finding the perfect place that’s both delicious and comfy without being overpriced has proven to be quite the task. I don’t yet know anyone who shares the same tastes as I do when it comes to diners, but luckily my fiance has been on the hunt.

The other weekend he was treating em to breakfast and did a simple Google search for restaurants that served breakfast. Google pulled up several, most we had already tried. As we scrolled through the list we notice that The Recipe Box had several positive reviews. We found the location, decided it had potential and set out for what would be the best breakfast since moving to this area.

recipe box restaurant

The Recipe Box is actually a little bit out of the way for us, but it’s honestly only about 15 minutes down one of the two busy roads closest to our home. It’s in a plaza next to a vape store I frequented earlier this year when I quit smoking, so I was surprised I didn’t notice it before.

recipe box brandon fl

Upon arriving the wait list was a bit long and a large group of bikers were leaving… A good sign! The list was cycle through quickly and we got a lovely table by the window.

I was immediately impressed because the busser was friendly and the waitress was not overly smug. She was nice, but not in a fake way. The table was already set with two mugs and she appeared like an angle with a pot full of fresh coffee. She left plenty of room for my 4 creamers, which is always a plus.c

The menu was awesome. Breakfast and lunch are both served all day until 2:30 when the joint closes. I though Hutch would want to try their burgers, but he decided to do their Cpl. Clint’s Chicken breakfast per the suggestion of Google reviewers. I, on the other hand, can not properly judge a place until I have their country fried steak.

recipe box CFS

I almost forgot to snap a photo it was so good!

My eggs were perfect. Friends, this is important because I order my eggs over-medium. I always have said it this way, but recently (as in the past 5 years or so) I have had to send eggs back because the whites were runny. Not at The Recipe Box. This diner served it up perfectly. I was very impressed.

We left full and happy. My oldest was with her dad at the time, so I took her the next day so she could enjoy our new favorite diner. She did order a burger, which was huge for a kids portion. Even though she did not finish it for lunch, she id finish it as leftovers. Ladies and gents, that is a first in history so that’s how you know it’s good!


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