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The Dollar Tree has all your Thanksgiving kid craft needs!

You know I like to recycle toilet paper rolls. In fact, throwing them away makes me feel really super guilty so I’m constantly trying to find ways to use them in various crafts and activities. I honestly was waiting for the time to come to do the following project because I knew it would be so easy for me and so fun for the kids all at the same time. It’s pretty cheap too, considering that the Dollar Tree has all of the basic essentials you need for a day of basic crafting at home.

Because we’re Floridians and aren’t used to winter (What’s a winter?), we’re cooped up inside fearful of the 50 degree weather that has cursed our land. This mama is slackin’ on the keepsake crafts, so I decided that this Thanksgiving would bring about many handprint turkeys!

Head to your local Dollar Tree kid craft section and grab the following:

  • construction paper
  • pencils
  • scissors
  • glue (we like the sticks… less mess and drying time)

First, have your littles trace both hands. I like to have each hand on a different colored paper. Because it’s fall and all we used reds, oranges, and yellows to compliment the brown toilet paper rolls.

turkey day craft hands

You can’t tell in that photo, but as the turkeys come together I quite enjoyed the stark contrast of Gaia’s long, slender fingers to Anders’s short, chubby hands. I let the six-year-old do the cutting so she could hone in on her strait line skills. Then I used scraps to free hand the beaks and wattles (that’s the red dangly bit).

thanksgiving turkey craft

I went ahead and assembled Anders’s for him so Gaia had something to go off of. She’s a perfectionist so she can often take some time gluing things in place. A generous amount of glue stick glue was fine here, but you can use the liquid kind if you prefer.

thanksgiving turkey kids craft

My toddler is super helpful. He likes to hand people bits of scrap paper and pretend to glue things into place. I think he really enjoyed seeing his hands turn into a turkey. Although he’s not ready for some of the activities I plan out, it’s important to us that he always feels involved. I think Gaia enjoys the audience, too.

After everything is glued just right, all you need to do is add your eyes. We used a simple Sharpie.

easy thanksgiving turkey kids craft

Next up we’re working on some turkey handprint cards from basic card stock for our close relatives. I think that as a mom, Thanksgiving is going to always be one of my favorites because I can handprint turkey everything and it’s totally appropriate.

What other handprint/hand tracing crafts do you enjoy assembling with your children? Feel free to leave craft ideas in the comments!


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