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Have a Merry FluffMas with Buttons Velour Wipes!

When it comes to wiping my baby clean during diaper changes, we’ve done just about every option there is. To be honest, the Mister is not too keen on cloth wipes despite his love and appreciation for cloth diapers. He prefers the disposable wipes for cleaning up after a dirty diaper. In a final effort to make our system more ecofriendly overall, Buttons Diapers sent me two packs of their amazingly soft velour wipes to review.

buttons cloth diapers velour wipes

These wipes have an apple green velour on top and a soft, absorbent microfleece on the back making them perfect for not just baby bums, but little hands and faces too! And they’re the perfect size to reuse on of those plastic wipe containers. (I’m sure they’d also fit the standard wipe warmer if you’re into that kind of thing.)

buttons cloth diapers wipes review

Buttons Diapers is graciously sponsoring the following giveaway. One winner will receive a Buttons Diapers cover of their choice, daytime insert, and a 6-pack of these amazing velour wipes.

buttons diapers velour wipes

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and closes at 11:59 pm EST on December 1, 2014. To enter simply use the form below.


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FluffMas GP

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  1. Anne Sweden says:

    I used to use old washcloths, but there are so many nicer, softer options like bamboo wipes or the velour wipes that Buttons just introduced!

  2. Jeanie Payne says:

    I just use warm water from the sink on flannel wipes.

  3. Trisha Chamberlain says:

    No routine yet, as grandbaby has not arrived. However, I am making cloth wipes for our daughter to use on their baby.

  4. I currently use disposable wipes but am hoping to start using washable wipes soon!

  5. Emilie Proctor says:

    We were using wipe bits with bamboo wipes but, they were breaking her bottom out :(. Now we are using disposable wipes until I find a solution…

  6. My first baby arrives in 2 weeks and I don’t have a cloth diaper wiping routine yet! I do have a few cloth wipes and disposable wipes available, so I can have options! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. I have some water in a spray bottle next to my changing table. I just spray my wash cloths and wipe it down. Pretty simple

  8. I use a wipes warmer and make about a day and half’s worth of wipes at a time. My wipe solution is warm water, a dollop of coconut oil and lavender Dr. Bronner’s soap. I also clean the wipe warmer regularly and have never had issues. We’ve used this routine for about two years.

  9. Renee Alam says:

    Right now I have disposables but once they are done I have some reusable ones that I am excited to try!

  10. Jennifer Nutter says:

    on the go? i use disposable wipes. havent tried cloth for on the go yet πŸ™‚

  11. For our first son we just used those cheapie washcloths from babies r us, and just plain water to wipe with.

  12. Just a spray bottle of warm water and soft flannel wipes.

  13. Still using disposable wipes, but have some baby washcloths to try soon-would love to try some softer options like these Buttons velours!

  14. These wipes looks soooo soft

  15. Jennifer Griffen says:

    Just a spray bottle of water and cotton wash cloths. Might be GroVia brand, they were passed down from my cousin πŸ™‚

  16. A spray bottle with homemade solution and flannel wipes. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  17. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I just wet my wipes in whatever faucet or water fountain is around and use plain water.

  18. Plain water and cloth wipes.

  19. Michelle VanHuss says:

    Washclothes and some cut up flannel, wet them in the sink.

  20. I use disposable wipes right now, but I would love to make the switch to cloth! πŸ™‚

  21. Those wipes look luxurious! Currently using flannel.

  22. Hannah Norman says:

    No routine at this point, but planning on it once our baby comes!

  23. Bianca Munoz says:

    Currently using disposable wipes.

  24. I don’t have one yet, but these look so soft and comfortable on skin! I am planning on cloth wipes and homemade solution/just water!

  25. Sonya Peterson says:

    I have not used cloth so I do not have one yet. These wipes look soooo nice!!

  26. Lisa Cowell says:

    Have considered using cloth wipes, but with my granddaughter, every change was such a mess, that we had to use half a dozen disposables. For her, we would have needed 100 cloth wipes each week just for the poops.

  27. I cut up some flannel and made my own wipes. For the solution I use distilled water a drop of lavender oil and some castle soap.

  28. Morgan Schwall says:

    No specific routine πŸ™‚ We only have homemade cloth wipes right now. I store them in a basket under the changing table and use a spray bottle filled with water to get them damp before use!

  29. Spray bottle and cloth wipe!

  30. Gladys Aguilar says:

    No routine yet since Im still expecting but I got like two boxes of disposable wipes so will use that first

  31. Emily Ducatte says:

    I just grab a wipe from the wipe container and run it under warm water.

  32. Mara Davenport says:

    I use regular wash cloths and plain water.

  33. Homemade flannel wipes wet with a spray bottle.

  34. One Southern Girl says:

    I used warm water on french terry wipes.

  35. I haven’t done it yet so I dont know

  36. I wet the wipes with warm water then a dry one to dry him off .

  37. Jackie Miller says:

    Right now we are just using some cheapo baby washcloths and wetting them with warm water.

  38. Gabby Dunai says:

    Right now I currently use disposable wipes but want to start using flannel wipes

  39. melissa bottorff says:

    I have not tried cloth wipes but after talking to the lady at our local cloth diaper store i really want to try….we have so many skin allergies!

  40. I don’t have any routines yet since we are still trying for baby #1 but I do plan to try cloth wipes with our cloth diapering routine.

  41. We use a spray from California Baby. It is so much more convenient than making solution all of the time or carrying around wet wipes. Just spray if you need to. πŸ™‚

  42. We use a variety of different brand wipes, and have water in a spray bottle on the changing table to wet them just before use.

  43. I wet a few wipes with water, fold lengthwise, and keep in a to-go wipes container.

  44. Judith Martinez says:

    I’m currently using disposable wipes because of my living situation. In my previous home I kept them dry until I needed them and wet them in the bathroom sink. That worked out really well because I kept my changing table in the bathroom.

  45. I use cheap washcloths and tap water

  46. I don’t have a routine yet. On my first born (almost 16 years ago) I used disposable diapers and wipes.

  47. I don’t have a cloth diaper wiping routine yet! But when we do welcome our little one I plan on using exclusively cloth wipes.

  48. Baby is not here yet. We plan to use disposable the first few months and if everything is going well, move to reusable wipes part-time.

  49. i go bw disposables and wipe bits with cloth wipes. but mostly cloth. they work better!

  50. Lana Elling says:

    I’m currently pregnant with my first so I don’t have a routine yet, but I’m planning on using cloth diapers and wipes!

  51. I cut up some flannel receiving blankets and use a spray bottle with castille soap and essential oils to wet them down. But these wipes look much nicer!

  52. valerie sobus says:

    my babe isn’t born yet so we don’t have a routine in place but i plan on using handmade wipes from my sister in law from receiving blankets and some water and a couple drops of baby soap in a spray bottle to wet them!

  53. Colleen Maurina says:

    We currently use disposable wipes in a heated dispenser but am interested in trying cloth wipes to save money and they are probably better for baby.

  54. Katy Baird says:

    Right now, I am using disposable wipes (I was gifted 2 costco size boxes at my baby shower) I’m 6 months in and have about 2 months of them left. When those are done, I plan on cutting up my old receiving blankets and use those with plain water, or I may try a commercial wipe solution. I have lots of time to decide. πŸ™‚

  55. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! My Buttons prize package arrived today, it was beautifully wrapped with Christmas tissue paper & ribbon! I can’t wait to get these wipes prepped to try out and get this super cute Critter print Buttons cover on the bum! Thanks again and good luck to everyone on the next giveaway!

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