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Talk to Santa LIVE this Holiday Season!

I asked on my Facebook the other day if my followers did the whole Santa thing or not. I was genuinely curious. Santa was always a big part of our Christmas celebration. My mom was way clever when it came to hiding gifts, having separate wrapping paper, and even asking coworkers to write labels so that we didn’t recognize when things were written out for us.

Two years ago, while I was pregnant with Anders, we traveled to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family. I managed to stealthily bring everything from Florida all the way up without Gaia noticing, but I needed to still get a train because that was at the to of her list…. and I’d only just learned about it days prior to our trip. Of course I couldn’t find a suitable train anywhere. Instead my mom crafted a note from Santa, had a distant relative sign it, and stuffed it into Gaia’s stocking. It said that the elves were overwhelmed with all the toy making and that Gaia would get a special delivery later in the year.

And just like that the magic of Christmas was saved, once again, by my mom.

More and more people are falling off the Santa wagon. I understand that the meaning of Christmas is so much more than presents. Trust me, my favorite part of this season is crafting and giving and sending cookies all over! Although we do believe in the true meaning behind Christmas and Christ, we choose to emphasis the magic of Christmas through Santa. That’s just how our family rolls.

I admit I’ve been in kind of a funk lately. Working at a craft store can be inspiring in so many ways, but given that it is retail it can be emotionally draining as well. This year I was blessed with another way to keep the magic alive: Talk to Santa video chats!

talk to santa screen

Talk to Santa is a video conference call between your children and Santa… all the way form the North Pole! What’s awesome is that you can connect and utilize as many webcams and family members as you would like. If I had chose to, I could connect my children to their Grams through the call, and have Santa talk to everyone at once. It’s the best kind of conference this busy holiday season.

My children are a little awkward and shy (Gaia crumbles under pressure), but you can see a snippet of our conversation below.

How does Santa know so much?! Magic of course 😉

The kids were totally enthralled the entire time. Although they seemed so meek and confused, after the conference was over they bombarded me with questions!

talk to santa close up

My toddler is still new to this Christmas thing. We’re excited for him this year because this is the true start to his Christmas memories. The magic is new and strong for him, so we’re gearing p for a fantastic holiday filled with cheer and wonder!

You can reinvent Christmas or continue magical traditions by scheduling your video conference with Santa today. Simply click the banner below to begin!



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