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These Love Birds Got Hitched!

It’s done. I’m married, guys! I want to lead by telling you how disastrous the wedding was, but it was kind of magical at the same time. Long story short it rained on the afternoon of my modest backyard shindig. In fact, the rain began as we were saying our vows giving us only an hour to enjoy all the pretty decorations before having to move what we could inside (and that was only thanks to a lovely neighbor offering up his canopy for guests).

Douthett Wedding

It was cramped inside my father’s home, to say the least, but we managed to ride out the storm among friends and family. We only scared off a few people with our shoulder-to-shoulder shenanigans and Anders slept through most of the havoc. I had three of my five maids of honor attend (though I nixed the actual wedding party half way through planning), which was awesome since they all had to travel long distances on college-life budgets. Add in tons of kids(just as I imagined), some babywearing support superstars, and a set of super dapper grandparents and you have a party!

Although I did enjoy myself overall, my favorite part would have to be the cake. The delicious stump-inspired dessert was crafted by my friend, Sarah. She does not have a business, but does lovely work on the side. If you’re planning a Tampa wedding she does it all… big and small!

We simply adorned the thing with our adorable, chubby love bird wedding cake topper and Voila! You have the most perfect cake in all the land!

love birds wedding cake topper love birds wedding cake topper review

The topper is a lovely clay piece custom made by Kathy of Dances With Clay on Etsy. I knew I wanted something hand made, authentic, and something that would last forever next to our honeymoon pictures and I found it on the first page in my search. Just looking at the thumbnail had me swooning, but when it arrived it had me shedding a tiny happy tear.

love bird wedding cake topper

Kathy’s work is so clean and so pretty. She paid attention to every detail down to the tiny baby eggs (which she offered to make into baby birds, but I declined since the wedding was about me and my hunny). She even took time to turn it around and etch our anniversary into the base. Dances With Clay ceramics are a wonderful life event keepsake. No regrets!

After we cut into the cake I took the chunk with our initials and froze it for next year. Everyone passed around my topper and admired it so, and then I kissed my husband, kicked everyone out, and we headed home to rest for our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean.

I’ll be dumping those photos here on the blog soon. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so stay tuned for a glimpse into married life with us love birds!


Disclaimer: I received one wedding cake topper free of charge in exchange for a product review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!


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