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Christmas Savings at the Dollar Tree

The holiday seems like it’s sneaking up, doesn’t it? I’m scrambling to get sewing finished and gifts wrapped, not to mention having to actually mail things so they get to their destination in time for Christmas morning festivities. With working, school, and home life I’m actually very proud of my progress so far and I’m confident it’ll all work out. And thanks to stores like the Dollar Tree I’m able to save money while making sure everything is in place.

I had big plans to make a Santa inspired wreath from tulle and such, but alas I am also overly ambitious. As things began piling up I realized I was the only one without decorations on ym door. I had to fix that. With $2 and change I got this giant snowflake and tiny friend snowflakes to take to my door.

easy dollar tree decor

Voila! Welcome to the winter wonderland that is my house. Except not. Because Florida.

That’s not all we’re decorating around here. One of my favorite finds is actually these faceted plastic ball ornaments. They came with tinsel already inside, but with little effort I popped it open and made something all my own.

dollar tree keepsake

I used a paperclip to fish out the strings of tinsel and cut up one of our wedding invitations to make a keepsake ornament. I saw this idea on Pinterest (duh), but I’ve never seen balls like this before. Just another awesome find at the Dollar Tree.

dollar tree keepsake ornament

I love visiting the Dollar Tree and it is tied with Target for my favorite store. Christmas gets me real excited and I find myself making multiple trips just to wander. Sometimes I find things really really exciting, and I admit that sometimes it’s so picked over I leave disappointed. But more often than not my trip has a positive outcome.

During the holidays I stock up on wrapping paper and stocking stuffers, too. Through my daughter’s homeschool co-op she took STEM this past fall and their mathematics portion was based around solving a Rubik’s cube. I’ll have you know that the Dollar Tree sells them. With holiday sticker faces! Oh man I’m so excited for Santa to come…

We’ve been doing lots of different things to stay busy this winter. I’m pretty much finished shopping, so now I just get to craft and enjoy my family.

What has you most excited this holiday season?


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