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Honeymoon Cruise Photo Dump

In case you were unaware, I finally hitched Hutch early in November. We’ve known each other since before my oldest was born, but had a break where she was conceived, born, and I failed my first marriage. When my life seemed rather gloomy, Hutch found me once again and reminded me that my heart was already spoken for. After some trial and error on my part, I was finally able to be with the man I truly love. And this past November we made it official. Yay us!

The wedding was followed by one of the longest vacations ever! That’s not necessarily a good thing, folks. It was a honeymoon though, and we really liked having the extra time to relax and connect again after all the wedding stress.

We sailed upon the Carnival Pride right out of Tampa. My official in-laws dropped us off, though I did have to turn around for my pump. Getting aboard the ship was easy an flawless, of course.

carnival pride

Leaving Tampa took a lot longer than expected. The ship was newly renovated and they were behind on loading. So unfortunately we were stuck on the ship in port. The ship festivities went according to plan so it wasn’t that big of a deal, just kind of a bummer to look outside and see all of our familiar downtown sights. We stayed up late just chatting and hanging out, because the following day was a full day at sea to get to Mexico.

One of my favorite on-ship activities is Tea Time. You just put on a dress and head over to the restaurant where they serve up tiny pastries and offer a plethora of tea choices.

carnival pride tea time dree

That was my official Tea Time dress. I got it from Gwynnie Bee, and after wearing it on the cruise a few times I broke down and bought it. Such a gem, am I right?!

The rest of the day on Monday we just hung around the cruise and relaxed. We signed up to do an ATV adventure on Tuesday in Mexico, so we went to bed fairly early, got up well rested, and ate a big breakfast.

carnival pride cozumel ATV adventure

The ATV adventure was so freakin’ awesome! We had a blast, for sure. Our guides were funny, nice, and knowledgeable. I totally crashed and they didn’t put us in the newbie group, so that was nice. (I swear my ATV just went weird.)

Afterwards we went to the beach to relax. I did some converting wrong and overpaid for lunch. I swear our guide said 30 pesos to a dollar, but really it was 13.  My own fault, I guess. I got wasted so whatevs.

carnival pride cozumel beach bums

We did some shopping in port afterwards and I got Gaia a sweet jacket for winter. The next day in Belieze we decided to just chill and shop some, but Hutch had an allergic reaction to soemthing somewhere and he got all puffy and stuffy. It was short lived in port.

carnival pride belize tender

We knew we wanted to do at least one more excursion, so we went Snuba diving (snorkeling and scuba in one) on Thursday in Roatan, Honduras.

carnival pride snuba in honduras

We should have waited and went on Friday while at the Grand Cayman. Our guide was nice, groups were small, and the sights were pretty neat. But as soon as we ported off Grand Cayman island you could just look at the water and see how majestic the reef there was. I was totally jealous of our dinner guests’ experience. Their pictures are so clear and vibrant!

We just walked around Grand Cayman and soaked in some of the culture.

carnival pride grand cayman chicken

We made sure to get the last of our souvenirs since it was our last day in port, and then we decided to try and spend as much time together as possible before returning home.

carnival pride cayman tender ticket

Since Hutch works during the day and I work in the evening, we don’t see too much of each other. WE get one or two evenings during the week, and I just requested Sundays off so we have a whole day together on the weekend as a family. We missed our children terribly (I pumped for my toddler on my honeymoon… that’s love), but it was still really nice to connect to my [now] husband after so long of just working the grind and kissing each other good-bye for work.

The last day on the ship was fun. (Tea Time again!) I won us a stick on a ship during a Connect 4 tournament. We also won two pieces of art during the suction. I ate so many chocolate covered gummy bears. I am only slightly ashamed of this fact.

carnival pride day at sea sunshine

The sun was doing amazing things on the water while we were out at sea that Saturday. It was so peaceful.

We got home early on Sunday and I gave my children lots of snuggles. My mom left the next day and it took a while, but soon things returned to normal. Except now we’re married!!!



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