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This is My Life {Printable Planner Review}

Getting organized is something I’m constantly struggling with. Luckily these days there are literally hundreds of resources to help you stay on task and get goal oriented.

Lately I’ve been focusing on positive thought as this year comes to a close. I followed along in a  eCourse recently about staying Blissfully Balanced as a mom who has the job of stay-at-home homemaker, full-time student, part-time employee in retail, and a WAHM (sewing, crafting, and this blog of course). I am overly ambitious. I get overwhelmed and then I crumble under pressure and everyone pays.

I’m learning to take it easy on myself and not load up on too much. And to stop freakin’ slackin’ in the weeds… Things just need to be done. Right?I’ve already altered my sleep schedule to account for my new goals, and now all I need ot do is plan out next eyar a little bit better than I did this year. Although I had a planner, I didn’t keep it attached to me always. I’ve decided to go with the ever-positive, appealing “This Is My Life” planner made by Melissa at A Virtuous Woman.

virtuous woman calendar quote

This planner is a fun, bright reminder to enjoy each day. There are subtle reminders that each day has enough time to do things if planned accordingly. And I love that there are new ideas for celebrating life.

For example, in the section for march there is a great recipe for an Easter tradition. Resurrection Cookies are baked overnight, each ingredient symbolizing a part of Jesus’s death. Then the children wake up to a hallow cookie, just like the tomb was empty. Although we’re up in the air as far as religion goes, I like to give my children little bits of why holidays are celebrated, s we’ll most likely be incorporating Resurrection Cookies this Spring.

My favorite part about this planner is the weekly goal pages. Each week is mapped out to include daily chores and seasonal chores, daily routines, and a chart to track your water intake! There’s even a separate page to meal plan (which is something I want to try again in 2015).

When seasons change, there’s a bucket list for each quarter. Should you find yourself so organized that there’s free time, then you can build a snowman in winter or catch fireflies in summer (weather permitting). And those are not the only bonus pages… You’ll find holiday preparation pages, an important dates printable (which I’m using for birthdays), and other goodies inside!

You can find more about the “This Is My Life” printable planner and make a purchase by clicking here. It’s under $10 and comes with tons of free printable pages that author Melissa is constantly offering to her readers.

Note: If you’re planning to give it as a gift, I would have to personally recommend having it printed and spiral bound at your local UPS Store. I’ve tried other office places and no one is as fast and consistent with quality as my friends at UPS. Of course, this may vary based on your location.


Disclaimer: I received the product above for free in exchange for a product review. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I shall not tell lies!


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