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Kicking 2015’s butt!

I haven’t been feeling very wordy lately, but I wanted to meet my goal of getting this post finished and published. Ironically, my word for this year is ACCOUNTABILITY. Last year my word was TIME, and I wanted to encompass managing my time and fitting in enough space to slow down as well. Though contradictory, I was able to fulfill a lot of my personal desires by reminding myself of that simple word. This year I’m going to try and push that even more by holding myself accountable for my actions and connecting the pathways of my own future through my own actions. I thought on it long enough, and that’s the best word I could find to summarize my wants and needs.

Other Life Goals

  • Get healthy. I’m not talking drastic measures right now because it tends to get overwhelming, but I am increasing my activity by tracking it via a FitBit, and I’m increasing my water intake. I have about 50 extra pounds still, and this toddler of mine doesn’t seems to want to let go of his milkies anytime soon.
  • Get crafty. I always have a goal set to craft more because it does truly make me happy. I’ve managed to organize my goals a bit more in this area, and I’d really like to have enough product to participate in a fall festival or two with my own booth or side-by-side my mama. Worst case scenario, I need to have a steady flow of listings at Tiny Boss Designs and send more packages to friends.
  • Read more. This really isn’t a hard one, but I fail at meeting these concrete goals every year. A book a month isn’t that hard. I am a total book hoarder, too, so finding material shouldn’t be an issue.

A Quick Look Back

A ton of my popular posts are really old, but thanks to Pinterest the traffic just keeps on comin’! That takes some pressure off of me, honestly. However, one of my extra-special bloggy goals this year is to create some more awesome content for you guys. Here’s a quick look back on what you really enjoyed from Atta Mama in 2014.

2014 popular posts

  1. My tutorial on how to make your own hands-free nursing bra on the cheap is very popular and is number 1 for the second year in a row! Who knew something so simple would be such a hit?!
  2. It’s weird, but the fact that 5 ways to manage your joint pain in pregnancy remains a close second makes me really nostalgic. I was so whiny at the time, but I would love to carry another squish inside my womb. (I’ll probably regret sayin’ that later…)
  3. Home Made Neosporin came up as number three, which makes me happy because it was one of the first posts I made REALLY wanting to get action from Pinterest and finding myself slightly disappointed with the photos thinking it would fail miserably. And yet, there it is!

I also broke a page view record last year with my review for the new Hispter baby carrier.  It was several months after the posts debut, but like everything it was just shared at the right place at the right time. It was really exciting and I celebrated with wine. 🙂

I hope that 2015 is just as fun! I plan to do things a little bit differently here, but not shockingly so. It’s time to get down to the roots and work on me. And I’m excited to share that journey with you here on my blog. *highfive*



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