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This Year Make Your Smile Brilliant! {Review}

It’s amazing how humbling it is when you take a good look at your teeth. Growing up my mom never put too much emphasis on dental hygiene, but rather left it up to us to take care of our teeth using her own experiences as an example. It must have worked because I never had a cavity in my childhood. It wasn’t until I had my wisdom teeth removed that I even saw my first cavity.

Now that I’m an adult I take brushing my teeth very seriously. I think most of us can agree that white teeth are attractive. Sometimes a good looking smile can be the cherry on top to looking and feeling good. When I was given the opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant on their custom whitening trays I could not resist. I wanted to whiten my teeth and this seemed like the perfect system to get results when I needed them.

The Smile Brilliant system has everything you need to get started with whiter, brighter teeth!

Smile Brilliant is a company devoted to professional whitening from the comfort of your own home. You order online and you’re sent a kit to make your molds for your trays. You mix two types of putty together, place in the mold trays, press your teeth, and send them back. Within days I received my teeth whitening trays back in the mail.

smile brilliant tray creation process

You can see every little detail of my imperfect teeth. Despite having braces for two years, my teeth are fairly misaligned. You wouldn’t normally get the white molds back during the Smile Brilliant exchange, but I wanted to show you guys how it’s done. The impressions you send in make the white molds which are then made into beautiful whitening trays with a custom fit to your mouth.

The recommendation for the initial whitening process is 12 consecutive days using the 22% Hi-Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel. Because of my high sensitivity I wasn’t able to go more than 4 days before stopping, but even the intermittent usage showed a noticeable difference in my smile. What I like most about the Smile Brilliant system is that even one use can make a big difference, so it’s perfectly fine to use before a flashy event or special occasion.

The system does include desensitizing gel. I used this in between my whitening regimen to recover.

My favorite thing about the Smile Brilliant System: The custom fit trays are thin and stay flush with your teeth and gums. You can talk and function in them as normal.

My least favorite thing about the Smile Brilliant System: I felt like I had to spit so much! At one point I imagined myself as a badass cowboy addicted to chewing tobacco. The good news is that the longer you leave them in, the less the desire to spit consumes you.

smile brilliant trays are easy to use

Though teeth whitening is completely safe to practice at home, it is important to keep expectations in check. One to two shades whiter is a realistic goal and yellowish shades will yield a greater result. As with any whitening method, Smile Brilliant is not permanent. However, you can continue the use of Smile Brilliant over long periods of time, and the whitening gel is easily purchased alone as a refill (and can be used with other custom fit trays).

I am currently at just a shade whiter with three 3/4-day uses. I really want to post my before and after shot as it stands right now, but I have some plaque build up. I’m ashamed to say that I desperately need a cleaning. Like I said, it’s quite humbling to take a deeper look into what’s going on inside your mouth.

Have you ever used a home whitening system? What are your plans towards a brighter, whiter smile?


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