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A Dollar Tree Easter

We’re not huge on Easter celebrations, but we always do an egg hunt and take Easter Sunday to rest and reflect. I am just getting to feel out my relationship with God, so this weekend I’ll be reflecting on what the resurrection day means to me.

Regardless of how you feel religiously, I think Easter can be really fun for the kids. My own 7-year-old has confessed that Easter is her favorite holiday. This is news to me, but its no excuse to slack for this busy mama. When it comes to Easter essentials, the Dollar Tree is always my first stop.

The Dollar Tree has everything you need for any holiday preparation. I stock up on eggs and candy mostly, but the selection for baskets is also amazing.

dollar tree easter baskets

Although there are many alternatives for toddler baskets, my mom always gave us candy growing up. I’m not a strict mom and so I do candy baskets for my own kids as well… even the little guy. His eggs aren’t as full, of course. But he still gets to indulge. Easter and Halloween are his “free for all” holidays. I’ll still stomach most of the goodies, but I enjoy seeing him light up at the thought of all the chocolate.

Dollar Tree has all the basics: chocolate eggs, speckled gum, and chocolate bunnies. I’ve skipped the chocolate bunnies this year and given each child a hallowed chocolate egg instead. We’ve also stocked up on peanut butter treats and cookies and creme eggs.

Then there’s basket stuffers like bubbles, self-inflatable balloons, tiny stuffed animals, wind-up toys, plus all the things I didn’t get like erasers, cards, notebooks, stickers, etc. The supplies are endless!

dollar tree easter

The variety of eggs had me really excited this year. I got some glitter eggs for the girl and some vroom-vrooms (as they’re called in our home) for the boy. I absolutely adore these rabbit and carrot eggs. Seriously… the carrots… I’ve bought extra for next year just in case they don’t show up again.

We did books this year. I’m taking Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties right now for my education degree and I suppose it really hit home. I chose to shop from our wishlists on Amazon so my oldest gets The Day the Crayons Quit and the toddler gets C Is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Book (because ABC board books are totes important).

Other popular basket ideas that have circulated around my mommy group are as follows:

  • A summer swim time theme: Fill the basket with floatation devices, water guns, swim suits, and flip flops. Get the kids beach ready as Spring warms up! If you’re close to the beach, add in some beach toys and suntan lotion. (The Dollar Tree has those!)
  • Prepare for April showers: rain boots, raincoats, and character umbrellas can make rainy season more bearable for children often stuck inside in wetter climates. Plus the promise of puddle jumping… Who doesn’t get excited about that?!
  • Theme park passes: the zoo, the local aquarium, Disney… Whichever your family prefers, passes for your favorite theme parks can get the kids excited for summer. Bust it out in Spring to bring out the smiles!

My favorite idea from my mom groups is to grab these egg shaped sidewalk chalks and the medium eggs. They fit right inside so perfectly!

dollar tree easter ideas

What are you putting in your baskets this year? Leave a comment and tell us your secrets to a fun Easter!


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