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Finishing School

I have been attending college since 2005. Ten years ago I graduated high school and began a journey that took me 2.5 times as long as most college graduates with a 4 year degree. I am not ashamed, albeit a little disappointed.

finishing school

I decided not to attend my high school reunion this summer. It was organized by peers who somehow managed to coordinate all over the world while on fancy adventures of adulthood while I popped out babies and struggled to get out from behind this wall of poverty. I was really excited until tickets went on sale. They were pricey, and I knew that all the losers I hung out with in school weren’t even going to be able to go. Oh well, I haven’t accomplished much anyway…

Don’t get me wrong; I am aware that I have come very far and that the light at the end of the tunnel is shining so very bright. Although I am always a little late to bloom, I know that the choices I’ve made have all worked out for the better.

Nevertheless I sat at on Facebook and watched the live updates from my graduating class enjoying the reunion last weekend. I should have gone and it looked like tons of fun. None of my closest friends were in attendance, but I would have liked to see some of the smiling faces that got me through those awkward teenage years.

I am finished with college classes for now. I’m technically one semester from graduating with my Bachelor’s, but it’s a student teaching position and not a class. Classes are over; teaching is in! And I’m happy to report that I met a wonderful lady who encouraged me to pursue a career within the classroom. The future is bright, and hopefully I’ll feel good enough to attend the next reunion.

Summer is here though and I’m trying to grasp something similar to a social life. When my fellow mamas get down about themselves and become somewhat reclusive, what do they do? What do you do to stay positive?



  1. First, that’s so exciting you are almost done with your degree. It’s a great feeling!
    And second, I never got to attend my high school reunion either. I really wanted to though. But I was 1000 miles away and not able to make the accommodations to travel so far to it. I hope to attend the 20 year reunion which sounds just horrid… but they only did a ten year and there was no 15 year one. Gosh, I feel so old now LOL

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