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My First Time Sewing with Knit Fabric

I work at a craft store in the fabric department and so I see a lot of awesome stuff come through the line. A few months before summer started I spied a beautiful see through feather fabric I just had to buy. I purchased several yards so I could use it over and over.

In May my husband and I attended a music festival and I was dressed for comfort. As a mom I forget to be stylish sometimes, and I envied all the younger hip kids in their hippy attire. One young lady in particular had a beautiful flowing tunic over her clothes. When I saw it I knew exactly what to do with my first cut from my feather fabric.

feather beach cover

I’m no professional seamstress, that’s for sure. But I drafted my pattern and went to work.

It was my first time working with knits. It was also my first time creating a pattern from scratch. I used the base of an old tee shirt to define my measurements and an old paper bag to get my basic shape down.

feather cover pattern

I used the same shape cut on the fold for the back, and then again for two side panels.

feather cover pattern cut

As I cut I decided I wanted it a bit wider, as you can see above. After cutting my three shapes, I pinned it together at the top and made sure everything lined up nicely.

feather cover assembly

Also, to offer full disclosure, I forgot to account for my breasts. In the finished product I would have liked for it to be more flowy in the front. But gathered at the side it looks just fine.

I used a zig zag stitch on the sides to account for stretching, and I did a simple strait stitch to hem the entire thing.

feather cover front view

Overall I am pleased, though I might go back and add additional panels to the front so I can wrap it around and make more space for my boobs.

feather cover side view

I’ve used it as a cover up for the beach all summer long. It’s very lightweight and fun.

What was your favorite summer project?



  1. That looks great! Good job! I have so many ideas for things to do with fabric, but I have zero skill level for any of it. 🙂

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